Web mining is a tool that can be used in customizing Web sites based on content and also by the user. Web mining includes normal use of the contents of mines and structure. Data mining, text mining and web mining, different techniques and procedures to provide the necessary information to the huge database, so that companies can make better business decisions with precision, therefore, data mining, text mining and Web mining helps a lot in promoting.


Most marketers understand the value of collecting financial data, but also get the knowledge back to the client to the intelligent, active way of understanding the challenges. Data mining - technologies for identifying and tracking patterns in data and technology - business, meaningful relationships, where they can anticipate rather than react to seemingly unrelated data to sift through the layers helps the client as and financial need is required.

This accessible introduction, we are a business and data mining provides the technical overview and outline how sound business processes and complementary technologies, data mining and financial analysis for the re.


1. Mining techniques for the purpose of discussing how the data mining tools must be developed to analyze financial data.

2. Patterns, in terms of target categories based on the need for financial analysis can be done.

3. Through data mining techniques to a financial analysis tool for development.

Data Mining:

Data mining for extracting or mining knowledge to handle large amounts of data, or we can say, "knowledge for data mining" data mining or knowledge discovery in us owe (KDD) said. Data mining means: data collection, database creation, data management, data analysis and understanding.

Some steps in the process of knowledge discovery in databases such as those

1. Data cleaning. (Nose and inconsistent data to remove)

2. Data integration. (If multiple data sources can be added.)

3. Data selection. (Where the database to evaluate the relevant data to be obtained.)

4. Data change. (If the data are transformed or consolidated summary or aggregation operations performed by the appropriate forms of mining, for example)

5. Data mining. (An essential process in which intelligent methods to extract data patterns are used.)

6. Pattern evaluation. (Based on a number of interesting measures for the really interesting patterns that knowledge to identify.)

7. Knowledge presentation. (Visualization and knowledge representation techniques for the extraction of knowledge from which the user is present.)

Data Warehouse:

Multiple sources of data warehouse, an integrated schedule and usually stored in a single site is a repository of information gathered.


Banks and financial institutions, most of the checking, savings, business and individual customer transactions, credit, insurance and stock mutual funds, etc. Some also offer services such as investment banking services including investment services to offer a wide truth. There are different types of analysis, but in this case a "growth analysis" is known as the wish to analyze.

Data D object whose behavior is used to analyze changes over time. While this characterization, discrimination, association, classification or clustering of related data, the mean time, we can the growth of sequence analysis, time series data analysis, or periodicity pattern recognition and similarity-based data analysis to say through is.

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