Data mining is a set of seemingly meaningless and random data is the art of extracting nuggets. On the Web, communicate the data hits your server, you’re Web site or that the customers actually bought some time on your website visitors can be used as a database.

This gives a sense, John, and vitamin and nutritional products on the Internet, take a look at a seller. He's been online for two years and very good living online sales of vitamins and such, but knows he can do better, but it is not certain how.

The first step for John to several reports from our database to run.

Returning customers, repeat customer’s frequency, the most popular item, the most popular articles, article groups, season, item by item popularity by geographic region and orders for the same product: in this example, these reports contain. Let's take a brief look at each report and guide for how much, John.

Repeat customers - if I know my regular customers, who can I send via e-mail them to special offers or incentives (if automatic) to have such a good customer to be surprised at the checkout stand coupons offered.

Returning customers Frequency - how often the customer buys from you, where you every few weeks, you will automatically ship products to customers without the hassle of reordering of the customer, the auto ship program and start sewing. The client that you really value your time and appreciate your business shows.

When a customer buys again and again and learn about our other products, add the customer to order products for extra complimentary can suggest - reorders. You can also throw in free samples to try his client. And of course, an auto-ship program you should try to get customers.

The least popular items - the fact is useful for inventory control and to pool (as described above.) It is also possible, useful for special sales liquidate unpopular merchandise.

Items Group - items in a retail environment is very important to understand groups. Understanding how groups of customers usually buy products, you and your performance for the packaging of items for sale redesign advantage of this great combination.

Weather by item popularity - some seasons some items sell well than others. For example, vitamin C sells better in summer than in winter. By knowing the seasons of the product, you must be listed on the website and gain insight into.

Item viewed by geographic area - if your customer base located in regional shopping behavior, personal, specific products and product for each geographic area targeted mailing is a great opportunity. Each time you visit, you have rate increases can be more specific.

It has new tools dictate how data should be presented, whether or not a personal experience (i.e. one who told you remember your past and present them) is appropriate, how and when to carry out special sale, what are good loss leaders, etc.

While it can be a lot of work, data mining to capture new customers dramatically increase your profits without the cost of a really powerful way.

Even applying the principles shared in this article you will see a dramatic increase in earnings next year. And if you do not have a good reputation, maybe it's time to start a system to keep all this data. After all, you really do not want all that extra money to throw away do you?

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