The data in this way can not hurt to privacy of an individual user in the way of my social network is possible, and if so, can we justify not like? It was not too long ago that it was important that the CEO of Google, Google searches for the data, so the disease can cause flu and medical groups were able to find food.

Using these data and discoveries to study disease in the areas, or delivery system to help in the fight against the outbreak of foodborne illnesses. It's a good reason to store data, and assemble it for research as long as it is anatomized, then theoretically no one injured.

Unfortunately, it scares even users, because they know that the search actually stored, the data can be used against them in the future, such as higher insurance rates, advertising bombardment, or put them in the future in some sort of government watch lists "police" thought. Especially with all the political correctness, and consider new ways to define hate speech, bullying, and what it is, and can not be a household domestic terrorist. Police think the future is very scary concept for most people.

Artificially intelligent search functions

There is hope. Now, let's discuss for a moment. The spirit does not relish the opportunity to recommend, nor will the individual mind be placed on your web-browser cookies.

Now this article in no way be construed as a conspiracy theory, it's just a known fact, I do not need to use national security information, and often may be relevant, the bad guys, terrorists, spies, etc. catch the NSA is to protect the American people. However, when it comes to telecommunications companies, their job to protect capital, to quarterly earnings to maximize their business models to expand their businesses to new profit centers.

What kind of suggestions?

The future of smart phone or the nearest cell tower instead of the data between them can be. In other words, individual packets of information designed to get to another mobile phone, mobile phone, to the nearest cell phone to the use of telecommunications companies and a plan without the construction of new towers to expand their services, and so they reduce the price.

Even if you had to buy a smart phone. But if you would call a large battery, so not all of them died during the broadcast, you probably care, as long as data packets of information actually nobody is safe and will not be in them. The technology now exists, and is discussed, and thought you would be smart networking strategy with a mobile phone or personal technological devices is not new.

As long as you use a free mobile phone, which many of us do when we line up mega-version, and if they have a long life battery-free win for the user at least now available. The new system, which is your neighbor through all the data transfer, and is on its way is able to send the data. All data packets were received for the mobile phone must wait, and then display information.

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