A statistical analysis of the data collection process. All calculations for the process in the world you are trying to measure to understand the behavior will not be reimbursed. Number is not fixed everything. Some things are discovered in the context. For instance, "we really have problems when it rains."

Therefore, the collection of data intended for data needed to be useful to maximize collection embodies the four characteristics. These properties, the ability of data represent the performance of the process is about.

Tired of the process data should be treated.
The data should be relevant.
Data must be representative of normal driving.
The data should be relevant.

There are many changes and leave comments in the process of change in central tendency must be seen models. A plan to collect data as part of the building, the history of team processes "so changes are expected to capture all sources will try to understand.

It should also be given to the difference in the size of the team trying to measure show. If the gap size is smaller, the difference with a statistical confidence measure increases the required number of samples.

Data problem
Problem of data that are considered relevant. For example, if a back injury has been associated with process analysis, data security is unlikely that the availability of suitable glasses is. The central objective behind the plan for collecting data or problem will be developed so that the data is needed.

Data should be linked to key business metrics. Because data collection is expensive, the project team because they want to collect data to verify the accuracy of the work to control. Buy-in from stakeholders and process owners to fail if they are off to discover the team's attention to the central core of the project.

Process the data, all the real conditions to give. For example, the cycle time to study finance data are representative of deliveries to customers of all levels.

Operating conditions may include a variety of factors. Some examples are the time of day or promotion, the employee experience, the process input, and so turn. The project will be a list of possible factors of chips that should be considered when planning data collection.

Relevant information that the situation around us, but not part of the process and may affect performance. The information we have gathered information to add interest. For example, the extraction cycle time than usual on a given day, whatever you were cashiers duty and what customers buy and weather conditions. It focuses on how processes behave in different situations.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency of data to tell stories, a comprehensive collection of data needed. Participation will enhance the quality of the master planning process. Process owners can make a valuable contribution because it directly to external processes (or the impact of forest trees) in an effort to improve are not included.

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