It’s very scary to think you found Your Soul Mate, but you found instead Your Love Nightmare. What went wrong?

Getting smart about dating, mating, and relating relies, in part, on maintaining your ability to turn on your awareness lights about your observations of you and others. You are most likely doing this already. For example, when you meet a new person, you are making assessments about them. You think: Is this person kind, secure, honest or smart?
Prehistoric humans had to rely on these skills because their survival depended on it.

We “size up” potential love partners today because a wrong love choice could lead to more than unhappiness. It can result in falling in love with someone who beats you or cheats on you. Yet, too often, our sizing up is wrong.

We look at others who have happy relationships, and we wonder what they have that we don’t. People who are successful in love are good judges of people, and they are attuned to themselves and others. They have intuition.

This article will help you fine-tune your trust in your love judgment. Even if you read the first part of this series about building trust in your intuition, here’s first a review of the definition of intuition.

Intuition is your ability to focus in seconds on what’s most important to observe in all areas of your surroundings, including in you—and on what to ignore. Imagine if you could develop this mindfulness about you and your environment so you could quickly detect, interpret, select, and accept as true the most valuable information about the cues and clues that come from you, people, this earthly world or other! Intuitive people are open people who accept that guidance can come from many sources. They know how to access more quickly and accurately all their powers.

Okay! Now you’re ready to increase your intuitive people reading powers!

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Dr. LeslieBeth (LB) Wish is a nationally recognized psychologist and licensed clinical social worker #7132, honored for her pioneering work with women’s issues in love, life, work and family. The National Association of Social Workers has named her as One of the Fifty who has contributed to the field. She is the subject of biographical entry in many Marquis’ Who’s Who publications. Her latest self-help, research-based books are Smart Relationships and The Love Adventures of Almost Smart Cookie, the cartoon companion book where you can follow a year of Cookie’s love missteps and learn about yours! Discover more and check out her books by signing up on her website. Visit