Alright, so you have asked her out and are pretty excited about your first date with her. Even your horoscope says that she’s the ONE for you. But it’s not just your love compatibility with her that is going to seal the deal for you. So, if you really think that she is the perfect match for you, then there are many things that you need to keep in mind on your first date to make it a longer, lasting affair.

What, then, should you do to score the girl of your dreams on your very first date? Let’s dig a bit deeper and know what NOT to do on a first date.

Choose Your Date Location Carefully

It is very essential to choose the location of a first date very carefully. You don’t necessarily need to go to an expensive place to impress your girl. Rather, choose a place based on the girl’s choice. Do some research, find out what she likes and choose your location, accordingly. The point is that it has to be a well thought one.
Never Look Desperate

Do not look like a desperate soul who has not dated a girl in ages. Never! The more desperate you look, the more redundant you will become. Be your natural self and remain calm and composed. Girls always prefer a guy who is less hassled in life. Do not go overboard to impress her and in the process look desperate.

Listen and Respond

One of the worst mistakes that guys usually make on a first date is that they never listen. Blabbering constantly will lead you to nowhere in relation to your future with the girl. Instead, listen to what she has to say and respond intelligently. Girls like guys who are intelligent and good listeners. Unless you listen to her intently, you cannot respond to her, and eventually, she will lose her interest in you.

Dress Immaculately

No girl will fall for a shabbily dressed individual. Girls die for guys who know how to dress well according to varied situations. And dressing well does not mean that you need to be in formals or in a suit. You can even wear a pair of jeans with a tee and still look as decent and cool as anybody else. You may never realise this but your dress goes a long way in sealing the deal on the first date.

So, now that you know what exactly you should NOT do on a first date, go and seal the deal with the girl whom your astrology experts had predicted to be your perfect match.

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