The world of dating has faced many setbacks over the past two years, with the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily shutting venues where people have traditionally mingled. But with nightclubs, social clubs and bars closing, more and more singles have been taking advantage of the convenience of digital dating services. There’s still no sign of the situation returning to pre-2020 ‘normality,’ so what dating trends can we expect as we move forward into 2022?

Technical innovations

Moving into the next year, there are going to be exciting new developments for dating site users. Currently, these sites rely on algorithms that will pinpoint those singles who would appear to be the ideal match for local hookup. This is based on basic criteria such as location, the ‘type of partner’ specified during the registration process, or your dating profile. These algorithms are becoming ever more sophisticated. The software will analyze aspects of your online behavior, becoming more proactive. As well as being steered towards compatible individuals, you might receive messages suggesting the perfect date location. Another development that will impact dating in 2022 will be the increased availability of virtual reality options. Singles will be able to meet in fantastical 3-dimensional environments, engaging in vivid interaction, even when connecting remotely.

Choice of outlets

With the lockdown prompting the greater application of home computers, a knock-on effect has been more entrepreneurs launching online businesses. Along with bespoke website-building software, it is becoming even more straightforward to launch eCommerce ventures, such a dating sites. More and more titles will be launched in 2022, covering an array of topics, and these are likely to be nuanced as well as generic. Anyone with tastes such as this that might be considered a little outside the ‘mainstream’ will find a range of outlets satisfying their desires.

People will still date casually

Another impact of months of headlines about new virus strains and general uncertainty is that people have developed a thick skin. The closer we get to a situation where society is emerging from rigid social distancing rules, individuals are likely to feel as if a weight has been lifted. Overall, there will be a sense of freedom, with singles really ‘letting their hair down’ as they become ready to embrace life again. One prevailing trend in the coming months will be for hookup and ‘no strings’ sites to become popular again. After the worsts days of the pandemic, people are going to be ready to flirt again!

Relationships taking longer to develop

Having said that about casual encounters, there will always be a market for singles who are searching for their soulmate. This is an attribute that is always going to be there, regardless of the fluctuations of outside factors, such as Covid. There have always been many dating websites and apps catering to this urge to find someone for a committed relationship, homing in on how compatible their members are. These services will continue to thrive in 2022.

Apps for romance – and friendship

Over the past few years, long before anyone had heard of Covid, dating sites have been becoming so much more than matchmaking platforms. Especially for those popular with the LGBTQ community, the disabled, and other minority groups, they have increasingly become social hubs. Joining a dating resource means being welcomed into a haven where like-minded people congregate to socialize and read blogs providing useful guidance and support about a raft of issues.

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