When a man has only just met a woman, he may have the desire to find out more about what she is like. In this case, he will find her physically attractive but that is not going to be enough to seal the deal, so to speak.

If he just wanted to share his body with her, it could be said that it wouldn’t really matter what she is like. Yet, if he wants more than this, it is going to be a good idea for him to find out more about her.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Ultimately, it is going to be a lot easier for him to walk away at this point in time it will be for him to do this later. This is why this will be the time when he needs to find out as much as he can about her and then to decide if he wants to carry on going in the same direction.

And in order for this to take place, he will need to think clearly and not get too caught up in how he feels. If he only listens to his feelings and sensations, this is not going to happen.

A Short-Term Effect

He could focus on how there will come a point in time when he will get used to how she looks, meaning other sides of her will stand out more. So, by thinking about what else she has got going for her, it will allow him to be more balanced.

If he came to see that he would still like her as a person, even if she looked different, it could be a sign that he has found his match. That doesn’t mean that he should just switch off though, as he will still need to make sure that he doesn’t tolerate anything that he wouldn’t have tolerated in the beginning.

Looking Back

When a man behaves in this manner, there is the chance that he hasn’t always been this way. If this is the case, it will show that he has learnt from the past and is no longer willing to turn his mind off when he meets a woman.

Due to the work that he has done himself and the changes that he has made as a result, it will be easier for him to function as a whole human being. This will greatly decrease the amount of drama that he will experience in this area of his life.

Another Reality

However, while this is how some men will respond when they meet a woman, there are going to be others who have a different experience. This can then be a time when they will be completely focused on how the woman looks and consumed by how they feel, along with the sensations in their body.

It will then be as though they have seen a car that looks good and, though being so caught up in how it looks, they won’t take the time to see what it is like to drive. In both of these situations, they may find that everything else is fine; then again, they might not.


He can then believe that this woman is perfect in every way, but he won’t have taken the time to find out what she is actually like. This is likely to show that he has placed a lot of things onto the woman and this is why he can’t face reality.

How he sees her can then have more to do with him than it has to do with her. Therefore, the man will have created a fantasy, and it might only be a matter of time before he ends up crashing back down to earth.

Two Outcomes

As times passes, he could find that she is very different to how he viewed her in the beginning, but that he still wants to be with her. Alternatively, he could find that she has not got a lot going for her.

It will then be as though he was in heaven and now he has ended up in hell. At this point, he could feel as though he has been taken advantage of, but he will have been the one who didn’t take the time to find out more about her.

A New Approach

If a man finds that he has the tendency to put a woman on pedestal, it is going to be important for him to change his behaviour. When he meets a woman he likes, he can think about what she has got going for her apart from her looks.

Along with this, he can look into why he projects so much onto a woman, thereby stopping him from being able to see her as a human being. What he may find is that the parts of himself that haven’t been developed are being projected onto a woman.

A Closer Look

His feminine side might not be very developed, and this will relate to the part of his nature that is nurturing, loving, and supportive. This then sets him up to see certain women as mother figures that are going to make him feel whole.

Thus, when he has developed this part of his own nature, it will be a lot easier for him to see women as human beings. He will feel like a whole human being and this will allow him to think clearly.


If a man can relate to this, and he wants to integrate his feminine aspect, he may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

During this time, he will probably be developing self-love and letting go of the parts of himself that are not loving. What took place at the beginning of his life may be what is stopping him from being in touch with his feminine aspect, and this may have separated him from his masculine aspect.

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