Older men are often intrigued by the prospect of dating a younger woman and it's easy to understand why. The freshness of youth and being open to new experiences are two attractive features of younger women. These are two traits older men find compelling.

Thoughts of dating a younger woman shouldn't cause any apprehensions. Some common beliefs need to be eliminated:

Myth #1 – A young woman would never consider going out with an older man.

Fact – Young women find the grace of maturity and experience that comes with age as a sexy trait in a man. Showing the vigor of being in control, accompanied by the calmness maturity it affords, is the main front needed here.

It's unseemly to behave like a kid, she won't be turned on by that. A young woman can find obnoxious young men if that's what she wants. She wants maturity.

In command, calm, sure, those are the qualities she looks for in someone who's braved and met the quotidian challenges of the world.

Myth #2 – The big issue is the age difference when dating a younger woman.

Fact – If you want to make the age difference an issue, you can. We already know why she's around, she wants maturity. Worries about the relationship as being not appropriate kind of dispels the very traits she's looking for – maturity and self-confidence.

Forget about such worries, let be what is happening. Enjoy. What is love anyway? Who knows? Whatever it is, it happens, and age can enhance it.

Myth #3 – She's just a gold-digger.

Fact – Most view what's going on as a matter of fact, when they see a man with a younger woman. But, the fact really is that the young woman is interested in a lot more than money. The young woman has seen the freakiness of frat parties and is looking for an introduction to a mature and poised environment.

Don't worry that others may nod knowingly if you pick up the dinner tab. Sure, it's the 21st century and women have been liberated, but so what. She probably expects to pay every now and then, especially if she's out with a contemporary, you know, the starving student or struggling artist; but you're so much more to her than that.

She doesn't want you to become a sugar daddy, so don't. But you can pick up the tab when you see fit.

Self-confidence and a new vigor can be won by dating a younger woman. There's no reason to not avail yourself should the opportunity arise. Your life is in your hands, not in those of society, or stereotypes, or silly notions. Mold it as you see best. You have one life on this earth. If part of that life involves a younger woman, why cast it off? Enjoy!

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Brian Broderick used to be a shy "nice guy" that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.