David Cameron the new Prime Minister of UK (born Oct 9th, 1966, 6:00 AM London, UK) is Virgo Ascendant. Cameron became Prime Minister when he was going through Venus Mahadasha, Saturn Bhukti, and Mars Anthara. Venus the mahadasha lord rules 2nd house of money, and speech, 9th house of Politics and is in Ascendant in the constellation of 11th house lord Moon, and Moon is right on 11th house cusp in Cameron’s chart. Venus connects houses 1, 2, 9, 11 in one stroke, which indicates that one will enter the field of politics. Bhukti lord Saturn is in the constellation of 4th and 7th house lord Jupiter in 10tth house. Cameron’s Ascendant lord Mercury is in 2nd house a very good placement. The transit Mercury just became direct close to the time when Cameron became Prime Minister.

Cameron will face some big challenges as he is in Saturn’s bhukti, as Saturn being in Badhaka planet Jupiter’s constellation is a strong Badhaka planet for Cameron. At this moment transit Saturn is right on Cameron’s ascendant in Virgo, will transit the natal position of the mahadasha lord Venus in Oct 2010. Saturn’s transit on Ascendant sign is always a difficult transit especially when the Saturn is a Badhaka planet, and Saturn will stay in Virgo sign until Nov. 2011. Then when Saturn enters Libra sign, the months of Nov 2012, June, July, Aug, 2013 will be difficult, and challenging months for Cameron, when Cameron can lose his position. During these periods transit Saturn will transit the natal position of Mercury the rule of 1st house (self) and 10th house of career, and Cameron will be in Mercury Bhukti at that time.

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