Dayara Bugyal has all the elements of a perfect Himalayan trek: superb forests, beautiful campsites, ancient villages, thrilling climbs to high points, wonderful mountain views and few of the best alpine meadows of Uttarakhand. All of this in an easy-moderate trek — a gift we rarely see.

The trek starts from Raithal, a small Himalayan village that sits on the mountainside. From here, the trek immediately enters lovely mixed forests of oaks, maples, rhododendrons and pines. Your entire’s day trek is in this rare forest. Further, just as you exit the tree line, you enter the grand meadows of Dayara. The trails run through the heart of these meadows!

Behind you, you see striking views of the Gangotri range with Bandarpoonch standing out like a white curve in the sky. As you climb to the high points of these meadows, Dayara Top and Bakaria Top, this mountain reveals it’s magnificence to you.

This is not all this trek has to offer. Every season, it takes on a different hue. Early in the season, thousands of yellow, violet and white flowers sprout across the meadows. In autumn, these very meadows turn golden while the clear skies give way for sharp mountain views. In winter, the meadows and forest floor lie asleep under the powdery snow. This makes it an all-season trek. With so much going for it, it surprises us that Dayara Bugyal isn’t talked about often among the trekking circles.

While a lot has been said about the settings of this trek, we must talk about the trail as well. This is one of the few trails which is extremely pretty. It is well laid out, taking you through forests, meadows, the temples, villages and high points. It is particularly pleasant to walk on during the forest section, where it is wooded.

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