Dead People Talk to Me
Healing Anxiety for the Dead and the Grieving

There is a great deal of mystery and fear around the subject of death. We avoid talking about it, and we dread facing it even though we understand that death is inevitable. What I’ve learned about death, thanks to my training in spiritual awareness, has enabled me to face it without anxiety.

I’ve had experiences that have taught me a lot about death and have revealed new understanding about it. My experiences have given me opportunities to help people with the transitions of their loved ones and to help those on the other side who have concerns. One thing I learned is that when we pass over our personalities do not change.

The first time I spoke with someone on the other side was when my best friend’s father died. She and I were living in different cities when she phoned me and told me the news. She said her mother was hysterical with grief and could not be consoled, even with sedatives. I was in training at the time, learning about the world of spirit, and offered to see if I could help by contacting her father to see how he was doing. She accepted, and I said I’d call her back to let her know if I had gotten any results.

The World of Spirit

I cleared my energy, relaxed, and waited in meditation. Almost instantly, I saw my friend’s father in my mind. He looked healthy and strong, but he was extremely upset because of his wife’s intense grief. His anxiety was palpable. The expression on his face was wild, and he was gesturing with his hands in an agitated way while saying again and again, “Tell her I’m alright! Tell her I’m fine!”

I also picked up on the feelings he was unable to express because of his anxiety. He loved his wife dearly, and he was worried about her. He hated seeing her suffer. He was unable to go on until she was comforted; her grief was pulling on his energy so much that it was drawing him into her pain. I promised that I would deliver the message, and he relaxed and disappeared.

I described my experience to my friend, and she relayed it to her mother. It was what her mother needed to hear to bring her out of her state of hysteria. She felt comforted by her husband’s message. I never asked her, but I think she didn’t want him to suffer because of her pain, and his message enabled her to handle her grief in a healthier way.

I’ve had many other experiences communicating with so-called dead people. One thing I’ve learned through my experiences is that there is no death. The spirit lives on and can never be destroyed.


I’ve come to believe that death is a process by which we move on to other experiences for our personal growth. Our loved ones don’t want us to grieve, even though we miss them.

I think we grieve for ourselves as much as for our loved ones. Something that helped me in my grieving when my niece passed on was a message from my spiritual guidance that she needed to move on because there was something she had to do that was on a timetable, like an appointment for which she couldn’t be late. That message went straight to my heart, and I knew it was true. Since I wanted the best for her, I was able to let go of my sadness at her passing. I still miss her, but am comforted by the knowledge that she is doing well.

We Live in Two Worlds

I’ve learned that life on the other side is very real. There are all kinds of things happening there, and death can help us understand more about life.

One thing that keeps us on edge about death and the spirit world is calling it supernatural when there is nothing supernatural about it. A healthier perspective is to accept the invisible world of spirit as a natural form of life.

Right now we are here in the physical world, and that’s our first priority. Our life here is important and needs our full attention, but it’s not the only form of life. Like reading the paper or browsing the Internet, we choose what’s most important to us and give it our full attention. But there’s a lot of other information there, too.

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Nancy Fairbrother is a soul-centered psychotherapist, teacher, and author. From her teenage years, she has been fascinated by spirituality and psychology. Consequently, she sought education in these two disciplines. She has ten years training, teaching, and practice in psychic perception and spiritual development as well as a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology.

In her counseling practice, she learned that her clients were able to completely eliminate emotional issues by accessing the wisdom of their soul. She integrated the spiritual modalities she learned, such as intuition, therapeutic breathing, guided meditation, spiritual guidance, personal energy management, Chaldean numerology, and hands-on healing with her psychology training.

She teaches her clients self-healing processes to permanently eliminate emotional issues as they come up. She finds that self-healing empowers people to take better care of themselves and to participate fully in their healing experience.

Ms. Fairbrother believes both psychology and spirituality help people gain self-understanding, which is the key to changing lives. She found that the strength of psychology is in creating positive mindset and applying spiritual solutions to everyday life. The spiritually-oriented processes enable people to connect with their soul’s wisdom, where healing takes place.

Her purpose is to pioneer unique processes for healing the heart, mind, and soul. Her mission is to help people create a life they can love. Her desire is to see spiritual healing processes adopted in the world of mental and physical health. In a world where everyone has a sense of purpose, energy is available for practical solutions to the challenges of society.

Her book, entitled, "Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life," teaches you to create a job or career that feeds your soul, loving relationships that support you, better health year after year, and more abundance in your life.

In this revolutionary book you will learn two secrets that will enable you to create a life you can love. The first is discovering your life purpose in two hours or less, and the second is using a self-healing process that instantly eliminates the stumbling blocks that are holding you back.

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