Deadlines are a natural part of the universe. There is no need to get stressed and resist them.

In the Kybalion, one of the Hermetic laws is; As above, so below. This is to say that within the larger, there is a smaller version of the larger. The microcosm is in the macrocosm, etc.

If there are deadlines in a company, that means there will be deadlines in each department, and then deadlines put on each employee. The law of cause and effect is seen in action, the original cause, a deadline to the client, trickles down to every link in the chain of creating what the client wants.

If there are deadlines in the universe and the planet, there will be deadlines in all of our material world and lives. Everything material will one day come to an end, be it the planet, the universe, and most definitely, our life.

Having a deadline will cause you stress if you resist it, but it could also be an encouragement and exciting. Running a race is exciting because of the deadline, which is set by whoever is in front.

Humans have a deadline to their life, we will die one day, that is the deadline for what we want to do in our life. If not for this deadline, we would all sit back and be lazy.

There is a good movie called; “In Time”. The principle is that time is currency, and when your time runs out you die. Poor people get 25 years to live, rich people have eons and can live forever. When you work, you get paid in time; hours, days, etc. When you buy something like a coffee, that costs 2 hours.

The reason I reference this movie is because of one great line. The poor guy is talking to the rich girl and says; “I wake up at 6 AM, because I don’t waste time sleeping in.”

If your human life has a deadline, it trickles down to every single thing in your life having a deadline. You have a deadline when it comes to eating, if you do not eat by that deadline, you die. Everything has a deadline, but usually, you do not wait that long so you do not notice it. That does not mean a deadline does not apply to everything.

Thus to be stressed by resisting the deadlines in your work is to resist the nature of the entire universe and the entire design of the human existence. Resistance of course will create negative emotions. Negative emotions will of course waste time and energy. Time is our most precious asset for no one can turn the clock back.

Maybe this will help you accept deadlines as natural and unavoidable, and even exciting and encouraging. There is nothing to be stressed about, it is all natural and meant to make sure you do not sleep your life away.

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