In order to have any complete and therefore potentially healing understanding of our present abominable deaducation system, we must understand what lANKHuage is:

lANKHuage tunes the holographic kaleidoscope to a certain perspectival channel devoid of understanding what lANKHuage really Be

In case you did not understand, we are simply saying that western deaducation has been propagandized to thwart your Spiritual scope of THOUGHT. Its purpose has been to make you dumb and controllable. Let's say, you are a successful doctor, lawyer, politician, professor, scientist and worth not only millions, but billions of dollars.

But you forget because your DEDUCATION made your brains dead. Wake up and see what's happening to Mubarack of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya, and Ben Ali of Tunisia. They are all worth over $70 billion, and you know you are not even close. But you want to not believe that these idiots are all sick, stroke-sick because, finally, and always, THE TRUTH unravels, as SHE did upon their stupidity.

Like them, those stupid leaders, not knowing, just as we pretend to not know, we also become enslaved to the forces that imprisoned us into a miniscule cell of identification when we do know that our DNA is enCODED into such an incomprehensible infinitum of exponential expansion whose POW3R is invincible in response to the alien forces vying for Control.

Why do we forget that those who come to power only do so because we always make ourselves vulnerable to them, by giving them the opportunity to impose upon us, the imprisoned infiltration of our own Thinking potentials because we make ourselves believe in this destructive nightmare of impotent ignorance, which robs and hides our Creative omnipotence that we simply must unlock to literally know it ALL. And, not only that, possess it all!

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For over 25 years Professor MOmOH has been engaged in extensive private research in the field of athletic performance and mental concentration. His research led me to discover the connection between numbers, colors, and the process of thought. Often referred to as "the man who knows everything", Professor MOmOH is the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought for private research, lecturing, and consulting. His specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Visit