Epilepsy surgery makes a modus operandi that eliminates a portion of the patient’s brain where his seizures start off. Epilepsy surgery can be said to be appropriate for the patients who have fits that start off in the patient’s brain at the similar area. A patient to be reckoned to undergo epilepsy surgery, he should have taken as a minimum two anti-seizure medicines or drugs with no success. In case two proper medicines have not worked, it is very improbable that any other kind of epileptic medicine will benefit the patient.

Need to do surgery

In a lot of cases epilepsy surgery is capable of decreasing or at times can also do away with seizure activity.

Repetitive epileptic fits will cause other problems as:
A patient may break his bones or cause injuries of varied kinds at the time of a seizure.

In case a seizure triggers at the time of swimming or bath, the patient can drown.

The patient’s brain can get damaged due to extended seizures.

It can cause sudden death, but it is very rare.

The kind of epilepsy surgery a patient shall undergo will be dependent upon the sort of fits he has and the area they originate in his brain. Below are stated the types of surgeries:

Elimination of an area of the brain

The most widespread kind of epilepsy surgery is the elimination of the area of the patient’s brain. It is equal to the size of a golf ball which is the cause of the seizures. This kind of surgery is known as respective surgery and can eliminate a part of a lobe, or lobe itself or any type of lesion. It has got a very high success rate. The epilepsy surgery cost in India is reasonable almost free in some institutions controlled by the government.

Cut off connection amid hemispheres

One more sort of epilepsy surgery is referred to as corpus callosotomy which disconnects the network of neural links amid the left and the right hemispheres of the patient’s brain.

This surgery is usually done on children who experience fits that start off within one hemisphere and pass over to the other half. It is able to cut down the intensity of the seizures.

Eliminating half brain

The most basic kind of epilepsy surgery does away with the outside layer of the patient’s half brain. Hemispherectomy can be performed among children who experience fits due to damage done to half of their brain. It may take place in several conditions that may be there during birth or can come up in the early years of infancy. Younger children have the better chances of recovery.


The risks can differ which shall depend on the type of epilepsy surgery is performed as well as the area of the patient’s brain is involved

Memory issues

The temporal lobe is concerned with language functions as well as memory. Therefore surgery done on this portion of the patient’s brain may cause problems with speaking, remembering, and understanding.

Double vision

Temporary issues of double vision may develop after occipital or temporal lobe surgery.

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