Dealing With An Ex Boyfriend: How To Deal With Ex Boyfriend You Still Love

Ex-boyfriends can be a real pain in the rear end. Here's a few ways to handle some of the baggage of the ex.

1. Keep things light and casual for a while. No pressure, no expectations. This is especially true for a woman who has just broken up. More than likely, she is carrying a lot of excess emotional baggage. If you want to have a relationship with her, this is difficult. If you just want to have sex, it can be hazardous. Easy does it. If the woman is on the rebound, she may want to have sex fairly quickly. Don't be surprised, however, if you find yourself with a weeping woman in your bed.

2. Stay away from the topic of past relationships for both of you. Neither she nor you want to put someone else in the middle of your relationship. If she does talk about her ex a lot, it's time to break it off. She will be having thoughts and feelings for him while she is with you. That's extremely unhealthy for both of you.

3. Be open and honest. There will likely be times when you do or say something that will remind her of her ex. This is to be expected to a certain degree. If she and you find yourself talking about the past relationship in an open and adult way, listen to what she says about how she thinks the relationship broke apart. This will also give you some insight into her mind and feelings.

Be careful, though, if she has told you that the relationship she just got out of was abusive and she see's things in you that remind her of her ex. One of two things is going on there: she perceives you to be an abusive person or, she see's you as someone who has all of her ex.'s good characteristic and none of the bad ones. Either way you have a dangerous scenario before you.

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Making your ex want you is not an unattainable task. However, you have to time your moves to perfection so that you don't appear needy and desperate. Getting your ex back also depends on how you separated in the first place. Give yourself some time so that the reality sinks in and then do the following.

Show of maturity
When you realize the breakup is imminent and no amount of cajoling and pleading will stop it then it is time you let it happen without creating a bid fuss. You have to show maturity that belies your age and let your partner go. Perhaps it is best for both of you.

Give your ex the benefit of doubt
Do not dwell too much into what went right and what went wrong. Your ex must have had some compelling reasons for wanting a breakup and you have to give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps only when they stay away from you for sometime will they realize how much you meant for them.

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Look ravishing
Whenever your ex sees you the next time you should look fresh and cheerful. In all probability your ex will expect you to look like you have been hit by a speeding bus. Well, surprise them with your new avatar. Dress well, smell divine and have a spring in your step. He/she should know that they have no control over you.

Take off on a Holiday
To get over the initial disappointment you can go off on a well deserved vacation. However, don't go the next day as that will send a wrong message. Instead hang around for a couple of days and then go. In these two days portray as if everything is normal with you and nothing of great significance has happened in your life.

Get in touch
Once you come back try and meet your ex and meet them as usual without any drama or emotions. Just greet them cheerfully and move on. Remain in touch with them and go about your life as usual. Let your ex know that you have only respect for them and no ill feelings.

Put your house in order
By now you will have realized what caused the breakup. Start getting your house in order so that the same is not repeated once again. Look around and observe some successful couples and try to understand what they are doing right.

Show your ex what he/she is missing
Hit the social circuit and begin having fun with your friends and colleagues. However, this time around you will be more popular than before with all the changes you have undergone. When your ex sees you as a changed and better person he/she will find it hard to resist the temptation to get back with you.

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If you want to get your ex to chase you down, you could try stealing a marble rye out of their hand and take off down the street. They'd definitely know that you're trying too hard in that situation so instead follow a few of our recommendations of calculated cunningness.

Step 1:Think Big Picture: Always remember to look for the light at the end of the tunnel when trying to get your ex's attention. You'll catch their eye if you jump off a roof into a swimming pool at a party but they'd probably be more impressed if you just engaged them in stimulating conversation.

Step 2:Don't Do It For Them: If you're thinking about making a big splash, don't do it for the simple reason of getting your ex to chase you. Instead, improve your attitude and overall demeanor for the benefit of your life and if they take an interest in you that's just a great side benefit.

Step 3:By Being Chill: Your ex is more apt to chase you if you're a calming presence in their life. Ask yourself would you rather go after somebody who you can laugh and joke with or a person who constantly hounds you to get back together and yells at you for your life decisions?

Step 4:Act As If It Is What It Is: Try not to make your ex chasing you the only goal that you have in life. You might get disappointed if they never make any movements towards you and will increase your craziness to get them to do so. Instead, just keep living no matter what they decide to do.

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Step 5:You Might Have To Try Hard: Then again, you might actually have to try hard if you really want to get them after you. Remember to be careful here though because if all the hard work is only coming from one side, it probably means they aren't interested or at the very least will have all the power in the relationship.

Step 6:With A Little Contact: The best way to get your ex to chase you is some simple contact. Shoot them a random text message every so often or ask them how their weekend was if you see them on a Monday or Tuesday.

Step 7:It Could Be The Thrill Of The Chase: Always remember that some people might just be in it for the thrill of the chase and will have no interest in the catch. It's like you're scouring the city for the best marble rye bread but once you find it you're disappointed and ask, "Well, what do we do the rest of the day, go find the best potato salad to go with it?"

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Every good commander will have a battle plan in place for his or her troops to win the conflict. On the other hand, it's the truly spectacular leaders who can divert from their initial plan and improvise in the field. Right now, your ex might be your arch-rival but follow our in depth strategies to attract them to your camp.

Step 1: Special Ops: Your ex might have years of training and feels strong in their beliefs so remember that attracting them back is going to take some work. Dig in the foxhole and be prepared to wait them out and you'll have a better chance at success.

Step 2: Behind Enemy Lines: A great way to attract your ex is to get in good with their friends. If you can infiltrate the force field and get them talking good about you, the ex will change their mission operative into getting you back before their friends take you.

Step 3: Night Vision Goggles: Nighttime is when you can make the best impression on your ex. If you see them out at a bar or party, say hi and be courteous but then quickly move on. Act as if seeing them doesn't slide your meter in the positive nor negative sector.

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Step 4: Wear Your Armor: Your ex might have some choice words for you depending on how bad the breakup went. Your first inclination might be to return fire but instead absorb their blows and agree with them. They might be looking for conflict but will be impressed that you're rising above it and deferring to peacetime.

Step 5: Show Off Your Guns: Another great way to attract your ex is to get back into shape. Your ex might be hoping that you're moping around home base but if you're out busting your tail everyday, they'll notice your improved body and will be wowed by it.

Step 6: Welcome The Deserter: There's going to come a certain time when your ex is going to lean on you for support. This could be because they want you back or just want to gage your reaction. The best thing you can do is welcome them back with open arms, even if it's just as friends first.

Step 7: Alternate Battle Plans: Like we said, you've got to be the General in regards to how you attract your ex back. You know them better than any of our strategists so if one plan of attack doesn't work, alter your motives and try it again and you'll eventually win their purple heart back.

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Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection...even if your situation seems hopeless! Visit How to Get Your Ex Back

There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back to find out more.

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