Channel marketing is a broadly used marketing technique. Suppliers, as they want to improve product sales, depend on sales channel management to grow the reach of their product/service everywhere. Although suppliers feel happy regarding the earnings they get with this marketing strategy what they hate is the enormous task of managing the difficulties as well as diversities of sales channel management. Channel management teams in huge businesses are accountable to sales or even marketing teams of the business, who handle their individual tasks relating to channel management. Listed here is a peek of the roles as well as problems confronted by sales as well as marketing teams while undertaking their channel management duties.

Problems confronted by the salesforce

The crucial target part of the sales team regarding channel management is the hiring of correct channel partners as well as overseeing their performance. Sales team additionally concentrate on the power as well as weak points of channel partners to take advantage of their positives as well as enhance the short comings to help improve product sales. Sales team invests time as well as energy to assist channel partners improve their product sales through helping all of them build business plans as well as identify overall performance objectives. Although, as many channel companions don't have marketing skills to handle long-term strategic campaigns recommended by the merchant's marketing staff, the efforts don't help produce desired outcomes.

Problems faced by the marketing team

The purpose of the marketing team relating to channel marketing is connected to development of programs for the hiring, training and also the performance of channel partners. It is really an greatly difficult activity because it just not easy to create programs which will suit everyone. However, channel marketing strategy programs for individual partners is additionally near to impossible.

Although developing a correct balance between standardization as well as specialization is a challenging job for the management team, with careful organizing it can turn out to be simpler. For example, suppliers might plan specific programs for various types of channel partners recognized on the basis of:

* Partner class: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and so on. based on their performance as well as potential

* Partner type: Particular programs may also be devised for different partner types for example Distribution, retailer, VAR and so on.

* Area: Strategies additionally vary with area because the market situation differs in different regions because of variations in tradition, language as well as the general maturity of the market.

* Technical/Product concentrate: Specialization might additionally differ through the extent of your profile. Suppliers with a many products or even services should try to not overwhelm channel partners with too much info.

* Prospective of the partner: Channel marketing teams require to categorize partners on the basis of the potential as programs can vary in accordance partner potential.

Problems confronted by channel partners

Channel partners expect regularity in programs from suppliers. It might take a year to completely adopt as well as implement partners programs therefore changes in strategy should be brought out very carefully.

The Remedy

The duties of the sales as well as channel marketing teams are huge, however because of the technical advancements, situations are not as difficult as they used to be. With the help of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software as well as partner portal the tasks of sales channel management team for example prospecting, training as well as maintaining sales reports can be managed effortlessly. Marketing teams on the basis of sales data can classify partners as well as develop strategies appropriately.

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