Getting things going at a home party can often be difficult. If your guests are inattentive and your audience is not participating you have a problem and the problem is all yours. GET THEIR ATTENTION!

The best way that you can do this is to get the audience moving and talking. Do something random and unusual. Plan ahead. Bring some music and declare a inpromptu version of musical chairs for a prize. Or hold up one of your products and tell them they have one minute to come up with as many amazing and innovative ways to use the product as they can think of for a great prize. It doesn't matter what they say or what they come up with, just get them thinking, talking, moving and interacting.

Get Party Guests Talking

You can also hold a scavenger hunt in the room looking for the prize of the night.

Ask open-ended questions. Questions such as "Tell me about an experience or time you used this product." Or, "If you could use this product in your perfect vacation where would you go?" These types of questions get the audience thinking and talking. Do not use questions like, "Do you like this product?" or "Have you ever used this product?" These questions require only a simple one word answer. Remember, the object to getting your audience involved is to get them talking and moving.

Open With A Party Plan Icebreaker

One of the best ways to start a party off and to get your audience involved at the home party is to start out with an icebreaker. Ask them to discuss their most embarrassing moment or describe what their hair looked like their senior year of high school or "tell us your favorite celebrity and why." Prevention is the best medicine to avoid an inattentive audience at the home party.

Give Party Guests Gift

Another good way to move the audience from being inattentive to being involved is by stating at the beginning that you will have a memory test for a prize. At the end of the party ask several specific questions about things that happened at the party and give a prize for the winner. This will encourage the audience to listen and pay attention.

Don't Be Boring - Fun Home Show!

And last but not least look at your own presentation style. Are you boring? Are you having fun? Do you enjoy the product you are selling? What is your voice like? Do you convey enthusiasm in your voice or are you coming across as scared or monotone? You are the key to a great party. So get with it and have fun at your home party plan business. The audience is in your hands.

As a party plan business consultant, make it a Point to Attend a NUMBER of Different Parties to learn more about presenting in a variety of ways. Just as writers are encouraged to spend a lot of time reading in order to perfect their craft, as a party or event planner, you should make it a point to attend a number of different parties and similar events as a source of inspiration and motivation. Diversity and study is the key to improving your presentation.

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