At one time or another, we have to deal with negative influences. You know the people…the ones that are discouraging you from your ultimate goal.

Here are a few ways to deal with “negative nellies” in a positive manner. The important thing to remember is that your attackers are acting negative and hostile because they are jealous and attempting to destroy someone else’s somehow makes themselves feel better. Their actions are more about THEM than about YOU.


Sometimes people that are Person-Interrupted challenging your vision and play “devil’s advocate” are truly interested and perhaps jealous of your courage and determination. By telling them your well thought out plan, you may be able to sway them toward your side. Remember, people are watching and secretly hoping that you will succeed.

Naysayers can be a great motivational source because by outside influences saying that you won’t or can’t achieve your goal, makes many entrepreneurs strive harder to prove them wrong.

Germs are known to strength the immune system and when you view naysayers like germs who will strengthen your determination, you will see that your purpose will be greater than any negative words. We need these type of people in our lives to test the depth of our passion.


Some talk to the hand - business womanizes there is no way to talk to someone that are “set in their ways” and are unable to see beyond their limit. In these types of situations, it just best to ignore these types of people to retain your peace of mind. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and you will achieve your goals.

A negative person will drain your positive energy and they feed on your reaction and defensiveness, so simply ignore them and leave the room if necessary.


There are going to be times when you are confronted with someone who just isn’t going to get your lifestyle and there is no convincing them otherwise. It is best to simply focus on your goal instead of wasting valuable time and energy trying to convince them otherwise. Once you success, that will be enough proof to put any argument and naysayers to rest, as actions have always spoken louder than words.


Image there is a bright light surrounding you that will keep you protected from negativity, like a force field. Try it; I assure you, this type of imagery works.

Besides imagery, it is important to be secure in what you plan to do and when you do, dealing with negative influences in a positive manner becomes easier.


In the journey of life, you will have to confront a naysayer or two because not everyone is going to believe, support or understand the decisions that are best for you.

You must keep a steady flow of positive energy to be ahead of the doubt that any naysayer may attempt to plant in your brain.

Right now be encouraged to be more powerful and stronger than the fear that is brought about by negative nellies.

Do not listen to fear disguised as negativity and use your energy to focus each day on learning something new and being the best you can be.


Let me know your experiences. Leave a comment below.

To Your Success

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