A little necklace of pearl-like bumps on the penis could be seen, in some circles, as an intense benefit. After all, men with these little bumps have a little bit of extra friction to give to a sexual partner in an intimate moment, with no studded condoms required. However, some men who are inflicted with pearly penile papules (PPP) want nothing more than to get rid of these fleshy dots, and they might be willing to amend their penis care routine permanently in order to restore their smooth skin. Thankfully, there are some good treatments for this condition, but the options available might not be right for everyone.

What is PPP?

Experts aren't sure what causes PPP, although they are certain that it isn't a condition that's associated with sexual contact. Instead, this seems to be a benign condition that appears in some lucky men for no reason whatsoever. One day, they're smooth. The next day, they have a row or two of flesh-colored or clear bumps that pop up right below the head of the penis. The bumps don't change in size from day to day, and they don't bleed or hurt. They're just there.

Some men find these wee bumps easy to ignore, but they can be a source of deep embarrassment for others. Medical experts have devised a variety of interventions to remove the spots, but they advise that they should be used only in people who are distressed by the appearance of the bumps. These aren't the sorts of interventions that are for the faint of heart, so men should think hard before they sign up.

Treatment Choices

Since PPP arises from deep tissues, treatment choices involve removing many layers of skin via:

  • Lasers
  • Electrical current
  • Freezing
  • Cutting
  • Since these procedures can cause pain, they're often accompanied by anesthesia, and men are sometimes provided with take-home medications. Some men still find the procedures to be uncomfortable, unfortunately, and the healing process can also be fraught with soreness. This is a sensitive area, and when it's abraded, it can hurt quite a bit.

    Men who want to rid their bodies of PPP but who don't want to go under the knife might be tempted to try at-home remedies, but these can deliver mixed results. For example, using wart-removal cream on the penis can bring about an intense sensation of pain, as many of these creams are designed for use on the relatively insensitive tissues of the hands and feet. Creams like this won’t remove PPP at any rate, since they're designed to work on a virus that isn't even present in PPP-impacted tissue. Men who simply must remove PPP just must see a doctor for a solution.

    Words to Remember

    PPP isn't considered a dangerous condition. The spots can't be passed from one person to another, and they haven't been linked with any kind of serious disease that could impact a person's health or vitality. They don't even seem to change penis sensitivity rates. If a man has been given a diagnosis of PPP by a doctor, he might not need to do anything at all, except to learn how to accept his body the way that it is.

    Body acceptance like this might be a little easier to accomplish with the help of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products are loaded with nourishing ingredients that can help to reduce the odor associated with the penis, and the emollient ingredients can ensure that the penis is responsive to even the lightest touch. A nourished tool like this is ready to deliver pleasure, and it might be a joy to use. Adding a creme like this might be the best way to ensure that a man gets good use out of his penis, whether it's bumpy or not.

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