With the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus, social distancing has become a need of the hour. People all over the world are practicing self imposed quarantine. But one must not ignore that this uncertain period of social distancing can also have adverse psychological on your mind.

Suddenly, this social distancing has left so many people alone. Where some people are trying to find meaning in their routine domestic chores; there are many others who have already begun to feel socially isolated. If you are an extrovert, then it is quite likely that you are having a really hard time locked up in your home with nowhere to go.

Humans are a social being. Therefore, it is more than important than now to stay connected with people. Otherwise, this prolonged period of social isolation will come to haunt you with negative feelings at some point or the other. Feeling socially isolated and lonely can not only make your more and more lethargic, but also trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is normal to feel let down from this unprecedented pandemic situation, but these feelings must not grow too big to have a negative impact on your emotional well being.

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