Is chasing your kid with a bowl of fruits in your hand a regular act for you? Does your kid throw tantrums for everything and have a tendency to disobey every chore you ask him/her to do? All this can be an indication that your child is turning towards stubborn behavior and it’s time to undertake his/her behavior revision.

However, while dealing with stubborn kids, experts suggest that an equally inflexible approach can be detrimental.  Rather, age-appropriate discussions, engaging activities, and developing a friendly relationship can be smarter ways to break through the castle of rocks. At the top 10 international schools in greater Noida,positioned among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, we believe that every adamant child has a troubled soul that needs extra attention, care, and warmth. And no one on earth other than parents can give a child’s desperate mind a safer shelter. Hence, if you feel your little one is throwing up a lot of stubborn behavior at home these days, here are some easy ways to calm him/her down.

Listen to your kids

Plenty of children grow stubborn to be heard. In our years of experience in the education arena, we, at best cbse residential schools in delhi, have witnessed that growing stubbornness in children generally gets reflected in unheard statements and requests. Hence, do not ever let the kids feel that they are being ignored or unheard, else they find the way of being stubborn to draw attention. Try removing the root of the cause in the first place by paying attention to what they have to say, and there would be no reason left for your child to reach out to inappropriate means to draw your attention.

The key lies in being patient and listening to them. If your child is running away from the dinner table, understand the reason behind such behavior before reacting. He/she might be having a low appetite or a stomach ache that needs your attention. Children often lack expression for such difficulties and react inflexibly. Remember, stubbornness can be an outcome of some difficulties your little one might be going through. Hence, listen to them calmly and then come down to a solution accordingly.

Do not surrender

Stubborn children often try to get their parents on their knees and feel satisfied when they surrender to their demands. And this is what you have to avoid consciously. If your kid is throwing tantrums for being asked to eat vegetables, which are good for health, never surrender to their undue demands. Let them understand that following discipline can never be a part of a trade. Instead, tell them to eat patiently, elaborating on the nutritional richness of the vegetables and the roles these veggies play in rendering the body stronger. An age-appropriate explanation given calmly can always help settle the restlessness of the kids.

Avoidscolding and shouting

Maintaining patience while dealing with a stubborn child can be critical. If you would shout and scold, you would only impart the idea that restless behavior can be a solution to a problem. And this is exactly what your child is doing. So, behaving irrationally when your child is stubborn would only replicate the little one’s behavior in a mature way. But, patience can impart the idea that to every problem, perseverance can be a solution. Therefore, try to keep your calm while dealing with your stubborn child. This will help the child understand the kind of behavior that’s acceptable and should be adopted.

At JP International School, one of the best cbse residential school in delhi, we believe that your ways to deal with a stubborn child should also be your ways to take the child out of such behavioral deadlocks. We suggest that the fine line between stubbornness and determination needs to be traced out at first.

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Once you know that your child is stubborn and not headstrong, you should try the above strategies to tackle the daily challenges involved with managing an obstinate international school in greater noida However, if your child is just being determined, there is no way to worry about it. You just need to be supportive no matter what, and your child will eventually find the way to the right behavior.