Remaining Healthy, Happy and Positive during “Testing Times”
From Robert Elias Najemy’s newly released DEALING WITH TESTING TIMES

There are periods in the life of every person when certain events and situations demand greater inner strength, courage, faith, stamina, energy, understanding, optimism, inner security, and self-confidence. It could be a personal illness or the illness of a loved one. We might lose our job or savings. Another possibility is that we may need to work many more hours just to survive.

We may lose a limb or an important bodily organ. A loved one may be going through a psychological crisis and behave in irrational ways. We may have just found out that our spouse is cheating on us or that our child is taking drugs and/or is very unhappy. War, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are all “testing times.” And the most intense for us all is the loss of a loved one.

It is very natural for us to feel concerned about our future when we see the economy struggling, people getting laid off, basic needs not being met, and anger building up in many sectors of society. You, as many others, might naturally be feeling pain, fear, anxiety, betrayal, anger and even hate towards those you believe are responsible for what has happened and is happening.

These emotions, however, do not help us deal with such situations effectively. They disrupt and weaken our nervous, endocrine and immune systems compromising our health, vitality, clarity and ability to deal effectively with life’s pressures and demands.

Additionally, negative feelings attract to us - through the law of attraction and manifestation - even more of what we are feeling negative about. We energize and attract realities by fearing them or holding strong emotions towards them.

During “testing times” we need to be very much in touch with our inner power, so as to maintain our health, happiness, peace and love. This is an opportune time to develop our inner wisdom, strength and guidance.

We will benefit greatly be letting go of our fears and other negative emotions and perceiving this as an opportunity to become stronger, fearless and more effective in creating our desired reality. It is an opportunity to let go of old limiting beliefs, emotions and values and move forward in our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual development.

We have much to learn and much to gain by dealing positively with what is happening.

We are still among the lucky and blessed

At this time, 5 billion people (80%) on this planet live and have been living all of their lives and will continue to live on less than $ 10 a day, which is $ 300 a month.

3 billion of these people have been living and will be living on less than $ 2.50 a day ($ 75 a month) and 1.4 billion on only $ 37 a month.

The above statement in no way means that we should lower our standard of living. But, we need to realize that these fellow souls are very likely not any less happy than you and I. They may even have less anxiety as they have very little to actually lose. They love and are loved by their families, they do things to gain their meager living, they eat simple foods, they rest, and they enjoy their free time in simple ways with family and friends. They do not cry all day. They probably laugh and smile as much as any of us.

Have this in mind as we now explore ways in which you can maintain your health, happiness and abundance during these “testing times.”

We are listing here just a few of the methods to be learned and will explain them in greater detail in future articles or you can go to

1. Learn to care for your body and strengthen your mind so that you are able to deal more effectively with life’s challenges.

2. Cultivating Positive Thoughts and Feelings will attract more positive realities.

3. Learn “Energy Psychology” for getting free from fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

4. Learn the “Twelve Step Manifestation Process”.

5. Learn “Ho’oponopono” and how to transform our reality by purifying ourselves.

6. Live in the present, free from the limitations of the past the fear of the future.

7. Let go of negative emotions with the specific methods.

8. Cultivate feelings of Gratitude for all that you have.

9. Increase and balance your energy.

10. Develop the ability to think more creatively – out of the box – with alternative and more inspired solutions.

11. Become a «Light Worker» and help others through their difficulties.

12. Develop a philosophical perception of life that enables you to inner peace whatever might happen.

For detailed guidelines on how to manifest the above solutions look for our future articles and or get the book DEALING WITH TESTING TIMES at

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