Every time when you want to cook something very delicious, you do not do it, because it smells too bad. Well, when you read the article you will be able to cook whatever you want. You will learn how to get rid of those smells, which bother the members of your family.

Do you know, which are the most common smells? Onion, fish and garlic. Now the picture in your head is more clear, right?

Here is the best part of the article. We will describe how to have bad odour free kitchen.

Fish odour removing:
The best method to have a fresh kitchen while baking or frying a fish is to boil lemon water. While you are waiting the water you have to squeeze 4-5 lemons in the water. And when it boils, the fresh smell will spread around you.

Fry odour removing:
Cleaning services in Sydney recommends using apple slices. While heating the oil in the pan, you have to put some of them in it. When they get brown, you have to take the apple out and start frying the meal. I’m certain you will want to try the apples, but don’t. They are not healthy or delicious.

If you are cooking fish on a stove pan, you can place a bowl filled with vinegar. It will absorb the bad smell. In case baking the fish in the oven, you have to wrap the dish with aluminum foil. That way will help you to remove the garbage easier.

White vinegar is pretty good bad odour remover. All you have to do is to boil it with water. But that method has a disadvantage - the smell from the vinegar spreads in the room. And sometimes the odour is very strange.

Removing bad smell from your hands:
In case your hands has smell such as onion, garlic or fish, you have to rub them with a steel spoon. Cleaners in Sydney advise doing it under cold water.

If your breath has garlic smell, you can chew fresh parsley. It helps a lot. You know what is the feeling to stay next to someone who has unpleasant breath.

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