I have helped thousands of people get over the depression they felt after breakups and while each one of them had a completely different story than the others they all shared one common cause for the suffering they experienced after the breakup which is having false beliefs about both breakups and depression.

In order to deal with breakup depression you must first understand what depression is, how does it occur and how changing your beliefs can help you get over it.
In this article I will explain in detail how to deal with breakup depression by helping you correct your beliefs about both breakups and depression.

Depression Vs breakups depression
Depression is nothing more than a message sent by your mind to tell you that there is a very big possibility that you won’t be able to get something that you really wanted.

If you always wanted to become rich then losing all of your money somewhere will surely result in depression. For a relationship, its exactly the same, wanting to be with someone you can’t have or breaking up with someone you really to be with will let your mind send the same depression signal.
If the man who lost his money found another way to make more money then surely he will feel better and his depression will fade away as he progresses in his new career. This sounds logical but why doesn’t this happen with people who breakup?
Simply because those people remain attached to the same person and thus prevent acceptance from happening!!

Step by step guide to getting over breakups depression
Acceptance only happens when all hope is lost, that’s why people accept the death of their loved ones but hardly accept breakups!! As long as you have a 1% hope or even less you won’t be able to move on to the next step and depression will accompany you.

If you managed to find a way to lose hope completely in getting back the person you broke up with then you will recover very fast because acceptance will happen.
Here is how you can lose hope:

Understand that acceptance only happens when hope is lost: The more you decide to stay attached to the person the more will hope grow and the more will depression haunt you. Remind yourself that its really over. Depression can never end unless the person accepts what he has lost and then works on finding an alternative to it.

Stop bargaining!! : Stop visualizing your Ex, listening to romantic music, going to the places you used to go to together and get rid of the gifts he bought you
There are alternatives!!: One of the most common problems that prevents people from getting over breakup depression is believing that there are no alternatives to the person they lost. This usually happens with people who breakup after their first relationship, if you have this false belief then work on fixing it else you wont recover

Finally the depression experienced after a breakup is nothing more than loss of hope mixed with a little amount of hope, kill this hope, remind yourself that there are alternatives and even work on finding one and your breakup depression will disappear.

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