In a group I host on Facebook, parents discuss the blessings of having extremely sensitive, bright and gifted kids, but also the difficulties of managing that same child, and the many traits that their highly sensitive child may possess.

Having a child with any type of trait that causes them to act, behave or interrelate differently than other children is always difficult. Because the term Highly Sensitive is a fairly recent discovery that was documented by Dr. Elaine Aron ( , this term and these sensitivity traits are not yet widely discussed or trained in the education field.

The greatest and most common frustration that many parents in our group have is the lack of knowledge that teachers have about Highly Sensitive Children. This is sure to change, as more children are being born with these sensitivities each year, and more research and validity is being placed into sensory and sensitivities in children.

Recently, one of the moms from our group shared a letter that she wrote and presented to her teacher, after having problems with a teacher in the past. The letter got such a great response from members in our group, and has been effective, so I wanted to share it. Thank you to her for letting me share this. :) .

Dear Mrs. X,

M is what I consider a “highly sensitive” child which adds immensely to his reasoning and creative side. However, in the classroom it can pose some stumbling blocks for him. He may need more time to ponder a question and respond to it. He may need more time in new situations to observe and be comfortable with his surroundings. Noise and movement during a time when he needs to concentrate (such as test taking) can be very distracting and irritating to him. At times, if he is uncomfortable with something, he may be hesitant to voice how he is feeling. He will respond best given time and gentleness to explain himself.”

I love what she wrote!!! I added a few more lines that might be good to add.

“My family and I are still learning about these sensitivities ourself, but we are able to answer any questions about how best to help XX thrive in school. Thanks in advance for being such an important part of my child’s life.”

Of course, your child has their own traits that will need to be included in your letter. Best of luck! Don’t be hesitant to give the teacher your note. This is your child, and you know them best.

Peace and love. Bren

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Brenda Dronkers is the Founder of Pump It Up, the Inflatable Party Zone. ( She is also the founder and director of Little Lights Children's Preloved Online Site (, which helps to support several children's initiatives, including her site for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children, htttp://