Debt management firms can be a big help to people who have found themselves struggling under a burden of debt. This is something that happens to thousands of UK residents every year. Even people with stable and secure jobs just sometimes find that there are times when finances still get the best of them. Although there are many debt management firms being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) there are many more firms that are honest and want to help you with your financial problems. Because not all companies are as honest and helpful as they might be, it pays to take some simple steps to make sure you find reputable firms, which we will look at later.

How Debt Management Firms Work

Debt management firms will set people up on a program that best suits their particular financial situation. If your financial situation calls for the lowering of credit card interest rates and lowering of monthly payments the debt company will work with the credit card organizations to get you on a program where you can pay lower interest rates. Debt management firms often times have an ongoing relationship with credit card companies. They deal with these people on a daily basis because they are representing lots of other consumers too. Because of this relationship and their increased leverage, they are able to get further with these organizations than you could on your own.

It is possible that your situation may call for a consolidation loan. This is a different approach and one which is not suited to most situations. However, some people prefer to do it this way and if your debts are at a high rate of interest it may be possible to get a better deal on a new loan. If so, debt management firms are able to get you in touch with financial institutions that are willing to lend you money. This is an option usually only available to those with steady employment. A consolidation loan takes all of your small, high-interest bills and puts them together into one loan that will be a lower monthly payment and lower interest. This will make it much easier for you to pay your bills each month, but just make sure to check how long the loan lasts for and how much you will have paid by the end of the loan period.

Debt management firms can be especially helpful if you find yourself overwhelmed with bills. They can help you by getting you on an IVA if you are a UK resident. An Individual Voluntary arrangement is a much better choice than bankruptcy as it allows you to write off debts that you cannot repay.

How to Pick a Debt Management Firm

In the UK recently quite a few debt companies have been under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, so it is important that you use caution when looking for a firm that is both effective and trustworthy. There are some easy and simple safeguards you can use to ensure you do not run across any less reputable organizations. Start with recommendations for firms known to be trustworthy and to have helped many other people out of debt already. The best safeguard is to apply to a few different companies before making a decision. Applying is not difficult and puts you under no obligation. You can do it via the debt management firm’s website.

Make sure you know what all the fees are. Any good company will be totally up front about how they get paid, because all debt companies have to be paid for the services they provide. Be wary of false advertising and treat claims of free debt management plans with extreme caution.

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