Debt settlement companies are everywhere. If there is that many then the service must work and it must not be that hard, right? Well in this case it does work and it is not that hard.
The problem is that the debt settlement companies charge 15% of your total debt, not 15% of what they save you but of the total amount. So if you owe a total of $20,000.00, they will charge you $3000.00 and that is a front end loaded payment. WOW You needed help, not another right jab!
Well the process is not hard, you just have to know the rules and once you know that, you can do it as good as anyone and it will cost you nothing.
First you must make sure your situation qualifies. In other words, do you have an acceptable reason to ask for and be entitled to a settlement? The reason needs to be real, provable and directly tied to your inability to pay.
Second, you must prepare and be able to establish in a mathematical fashion why you cannot pay, and what you are able to pay. This is done by preparing simple budgeting documents and providing them a paper trail to establish why it is better they settle with you than continue to spend time and money trying to collect in full.
Thirdly, you must make your account less valuable to them by getting behind in your payments. Until you are behind, they will not settle with you. However you must do this in the proper fashion with the appropriate letters sent at the correct times.
Fourthly, sending the right letter at the right time is the biggest difference maker in an average settlement and a perfect settlement.
Lastly, you need to know the rules that govern all collections agencies.
This process will take about 6 months to a year to get into full swing but if you use a debt settlement company it will take much longer since that fee must be paid prior to them settling anything. So doing this yourself is faster, cheaper and more effective.
For more information on this process, go to and check out the debt settlement tab. We have an eBook and video that walks you thru all the details and steps and will get you out of debt fast and will not add to your financial woes.

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Hello I am Jeff Jones, Owner and Founder of Southern Cross Consulting, Inc. I will have some of the staff describe the company to you a little later, right now I wish to give you some insight into what and who I am .
In 2007, I began working with small business and individuals who were struggling as so many were and still are. I saw the credit crisis first hand in my own life and in the lives of the others I was trying to help. It was horrible. I decided to do something about it. I landed smack dab in the middle of the intersection of individuals with ruined credit and on the verge of bankruptcy and those credit/debt settlement companies who were feeding off of the flesh of the financial down trodden. The fees they were charging and the lack of service they were providing caused me to make a stand.
I have worked hard to establish the radio show noted several places on this site, the blogs that we have, this website, and the credit products that we offer. Note that everything relates to helping people and nothing is over charged and in all cases, you will not find any cheaper pricing and always quality products.
So give us a call and see if we cannot help you. I am sure we can.

Now let my staff take a stab at describing the company and services, I have done the best job I can.

The Principals of Southern Cross Consulting, Inc. have been working with businesses for over 30 years. The founder, Jeffrey L. Jones, was a business attorney for 27 years prior to his retirement in 2007. After retirement of his law license, he formed this consulting company to provide business advice and consulting to small and medium sized businesses. Not only does he have extensive legal experience, he began his career as an accountant and has worked extensively in the financial field.
After his retirement, he obtained his certification as a Business Consultant through 360 Solutions, LLC of Waco, Texas. Here he obtained the education and tools to work with employee development and training issues which he had not done prior. This extra tool in his tool box gives that last element of expertise needed to provide a full service consulting service to the business client.
However, providing advice is not his only qualification in the consulting world. In 2000, he was chosen as the CEO to take over an international automotive supply company which was on the verge of bankruptcy and with a very large negative net worth. Under his control the company was stabilized, cash flow returned and the once worthless company was sold for over $28,000,000.00. This experience alone proves his ability to identify and solve most any business problem.
Now this vast experience is available to you. Please review this website and see if Southern Cross Consulting, Inc. could not be that missing piece between success and mediocrity.