When Steve Jobs represented the first iPhone in 2007 his idea about mobile applications was nowhere beyond web technologies. There was no App Store in those days as well as no definition of native apps existed. Namely, Jobs was the one who has created the concept subsequently known as “Progressive Web Applications” (PWA). Websites that behaved like ordinary apps with offline capabilities were laying at the core of the concept.

Unfortunately, mobile application development has taken a different path with native SDKs for developers. PWA emerged again about a decade after App Store has been launched. But even today Apple is remaining ambivalent about PWA that multiplies rumors and supports one of the myths of progressive web apps. But more about Apple later.

The present post aims at debunking some popular myths about PWA. This is important since the technology keeps carving its niche in the software market slowly but surely. Every given myth is based on misinterpretations of one or another property of PWA. Let’s separate wishful thinking from the truth to grasp the potential of such a promising technology as progressive web applications.


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