Myths are always misleading. In kitchen remodeling, myths can make homeowners shy from renovating their kitchens. Some myths can also make homeowners start a project that they won’t be able to finish. Therefore, we’ll debunk common myths about kitchen remodeling that can affect your next project.

1. You must spend a certain percentage of your home’s value

One of the most common myths that you’ll often hear is about the percentage of your home’s value that you will spend on renovating your kitchen. You’ll hear that an ideal kitchen renovation costs about 5% to 15%. Many homeowners believe this to be a rule of thumb. However, it is a misleading suggestion that has nothing to do with real facts. If you were to install matte black kitchen cabinets, you will spend much less than this percentage range. Similarly, other renovation needs might surpass this range.

No set percentage of the home’s value must be spent on a kitchen renovation. The cost depends on various factors and not the home’s value.

2. Kitchen remodeling is a DIY job

Many homeowners have been led to believe that they can renovate their kitchens themselves. Whilst DIY projects are exciting, it is less likely that homeowners can perform perfect kitchen remodeling themselves.

You will need expertise to get what you want. For example, matte black kitchen cabinets must be bought as they are and you cannot create them yourself. Installing them correctly needs a carpenter to get things right. Not unless you are a carpenter, don’t try a DIY project on a major kitchen remodeling project.

3. Your kitchen must be trendy

The trend is a good thing but not the sole factor that determines the scope of your kitchen remodeling. There is no prescription for what style a kitchen must adopt. You can choose a traditional approach and install matte black kitchen cabinets or go for contemporary kitchen ideas. The choice depends on your personal preference and not trend.

4. Bigger kitchens are better

Well, bigger kitchens could have various advantages but are not necessarily better. The style that you choose will determine the final look of the kitchen. With a bad kitchen design, even a bigger size won’t help to make the kitchen look better. Therefore, the focus should be on the style and cabinets installed.

5. Remodeling work can start immediately

This is a misleading myth that could get you into serious trouble with the authorities. You need proper planning and documentation before you start remodeling your kitchen. Your contractor should help you get the required licenses to remodel your kitchen.

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