Some myths about fat loss are probably so ingrained into you that it may be very difficult for you to take in what is going to be in the following article.

One of the biggest myths circulated by the food industry and fitness industry is that all low fat products will help you lose weight. Contrary to common belief, these low fat products will actually help you gain weight due to the fact that all these low fat products invariably replace the fat with sugar. These high sugar foods causes your body to store the excess sugar taken in as fat through the influence of the hormone insulin.

If you really want to lose weight and drop dress sizes quickly you need to eat real foods, not packaged or processed food. Eat more organic meat and fish, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The second big myth about weight loss is that performing lots of cardiovascular exercise will help you tone up and lose weight. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. The people who spend the most amount of time on the cardiovascular machines see the least amount of body shape changes. The folks who hit the weights room fare much better. The reason is that weight training and circuit classes are anabolic, in that they build muscle tissue. This increases your resting metabolic rate. When you spend an hour on the cross trainer, the hormonal effect causes your body to lose muscle mass which obviously decreases your metabolic rate.

The final myth is about calorie counting based diets. This myth is based on the conclusion that a calorie is a calorie regardless of where it comes from. Without going into the science of why this is ridiculous, I will illustrate my point by the following example. If you took two people and fed the first person 2000 calories a day of real foods made up of meat, fish and vegetables versus another person who is also fed exactly 2000 calories a day, but all in the form of chocolate and crisps then these two people would look greatly different!

Although being aware of your caloric intake can have benefits, it is much more crucial to consider where you are getting the calories from. Not every calorie is created equal. The key is to eat real foods regularly and in sensible portion sizes.

The next time you hear something about fitness or weight loss, do not blindly believe it!

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