You decided to choose, the fast and the biggest reward! So what’s wrong?

Why can’t you reach your desires?

Do you want to reach your desires?

Do you know the right way to them?

Everyone has desires but unfortunately not everybody succeeds. There are some cross roads on the way and it is hard to choose which road is the right one. This is one of the critical steps of using your mind power. The ones, who got what they desired, are not the lucky ones. That’s not about luck. That’s only about the capability of using the mind power.

Luck -I call them possibilities- is all around everyone, the point is to recognize it. That comes from choosing the right possibility. Making the right choice is the power of your mind.

Do you know how to make your desires more achievable?

You may find different rewards on each road.

Some rewards are small, some may be bigger

Some rewards can be reached instantly and some needs patience

The magnitude of the reward and the time needed to reach them can be complicated.

Which is the right one?

We prefer the road which offers us the biggest reward, instantly. You need to be careful about your choice. When each road offers some rewards on the way, it will be hard to choose. You shouldn’t decide instantly.

I don’t mean that you must analyze the rewards. All you must do is to be sure where you want to go and make it clear in your mind with every possible detail. This is your short cut to the best decision.

Enter all the details you gather to your brain and let your mind power do its job. If your brain is clear about the final destination, be sure that you’ll make it.

“Here is research from Dr. Jan Peters from the Department of Systems Neuroscience at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany and coauthor Professor Christian Büchel. They used (fMRI), to find out the links between episodic future thought and intertemporal decision making while the participants were making choices between smaller instant and bigger delayed rewards.

They found out that when more cues induced episodic imagery, participants changed their mind and decided to be patient and act more future-minded.

“Taken together, our results reveal that vividly imagining the future reduced impulsive choice,” concludes Dr. Peters. “

Source: The Journal of Neuroscience

You want to reach your desires?

Don’t worry about the questions like; how? When? Which sources? Who will help? …

Just imagine! Focus on your desires and try to be clear about what you want.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is a researcher for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources. Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics can give you a new perspective about "Mind Power" and how to use it.

The more you “know” scientific proofs about “mind power”
The more you “Believe”
And more and more you “Succeed” in life…