Gates have always been a saviour for properties and occupants. If you don’t have a suitable gate installed at your home it is time about you think of installing them. Simply because you have to install them at the premise doesn’t mean you can choose any variant of gates, given the fact each comes with a wide range of features to comply with property details and needs.

Are you literally feeling confused because you don’t know which one would make for a better choice, a sliding gate or a swing gate? A mere explanation can come to your rescue. It’s evident, sliding gates are appropriate for wide driveways as they can easily slide along the fence line of your property. On the other hand when the driveway space is limited with no fence line, installing a swing gate will probably seem like a good idea.  

Some more information is here to help you get things sorted:

Watch out for the available space and how these gates should ideally be accessed

It’s well understood that you will need space to operate the gates at the entryway. Moreover whether you will need a swing or sliding gates in Brisbane can be decided by the practical usage of the barriers. How you want to access it is important. When choosing what is right find out if the location has a slope and consider the entire length of the driveway or the pedestrians who will be accessing the space. Sliding gates are slimmer in design and looks. They don’t need much of clearance space to operate. Meanwhile swing gates may not be an ideal choice for your property if the ground features slope and minimum clearance.

On the other hand swing gates which swing away make for appropriate choice for property grounds with steeper driveway incline. Sliding gates can function freely if the ground is levelled.

Instances where sliding gates operate best

Sliding gates in Brisbane are more often seen being installed at properties featuring the following:

  • When there is no curvature in the boundary wall
  • When the entryway is wide
  • When the property is mostly exposed to strong winds
  • When you have plans to maximise the property space


Yes! Budget is a powerful determinant for choosing commodities and Steel gates in Redcliffe are no exception to the rule. Studies prove that swing gates are pocket-friendly unlike sliding gates which involve using of complex mechanisms starting from tracks, rollers and more. Swing gates work on hinges and are easier on your tight budget.

Meanwhile when choosing a suitable gating system for your property, also consider the material you want to use. Those made of steel or wrought iron are not budget friendly. On the other hand aluminium gates are found to be cheaper and cost-effective. Also, when deciding on the budget, a key consideration you must never overrule is the mechanism on which the barriers will work. Automated gates which come with remote control access, electronic pins and machines are costlier than those that can be operated manually.

Besides, it’s known to all that the style of property or its architectural features will determine the kind of gate which will be suitable. Consider the restrictions of your property and its architectural structure before investing in gates.

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The author runs a Steel gates company in Redcliffe. Offering a wide range of gating systems in different designs, the author knows well which kind of gate is suitable for a particular property.