Now travelling abroad has become a very common pastime for most individuals. Therefore premier holiday destinations like Colombo, Sri Lanka have begun to attract more and more tourists. As the tourist arrivals increase on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly more important to provide accommodation options to suit their requirements. Out of the many options available for your holiday stay, you will find that hotels and apartments for rent in Colombo are the most common and highly popular types of accommodation available.

Staying In Hotels In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world Colombo, Sri Lanka is no short of the finest quality hotels and resorts that could be expected. Within the city limits itself there are quite a number of world class hotels that offer guest super luxury living standards. If you are looking to enjoy the very best care a hotel would provide, including hotel style cuisine options, then this is the best way to stay in Colombo.

When To Rent An Apartment In Colombo

But more and more travellers are looking for the same luxury standards they get from hotels but with more freedom and spacious living conditions. In such a case apartments for rent in Colombo are the best option for your holiday stay. In the heart of the capital city you will find the premier apartment complex Crescat Apartments that has created the perfect blend of hotel style living with more spacious layouts, redefining accommodation standards in this premier holiday destination.

A key benefit of choosing to rent an apartment in Colombo is that you have the freedom to live in your space the way you like. And one important offering is the ability to cook your own meals. Most of the finest quality apartments come with their fully equipped kitchen; therefore you can prepare your own meals while you stay. Since you have enough space in the unit, apartments are also perfect when you want to bring guests over so that you can all enjoy your vacation time together. Other reasons why you should select luxury apartment rentals like Crescat Apartments include:

  • You enjoy residing in a prime location right in the heart of the city
  • Breathtaking view of the bustling city of Colombo can be seen right from your apartment
  • You enjoy other facilities of the service apartment complex like access to the gym and pool
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Mark Hein recommends Crescat Apartments, the luxury service apartments for rent in Colombo for short terms. The Crescat Residencies apartments are furnished and highly recommended for a holiday, business, luxury stay in the heart of Colombo.