Have you decided to allow your abundance? First becoming clear about money is essential, as it will allow you to then focus on sharing our talents and achieving your life's mission. Clearing limiting beliefs and negative associations about money will remove the blocks to allow abundance to pour effortlessly into your life.

Certainly, wealth is not measured by money alone, but also by the abundance of a person's spiritual, mental, and emotional life. Spiritual abundance takes the form of love, happiness, peace of mind, compassion, generosity, enlightenment, and confidence; whereas, money, fame, properties, cars, clothes, and so on, represent material wealth. There is nothing wrong with seeking material wealth but a genuinely wealthy person is abundant in both spiritual and material riches.

Many of the greatest people in history were not enormously wealthy in terms of material things, but they were hugely wealthy in spirit and heart. Conversely, many spiritually inclined people struggle to survive and there are those individuals who appear cruel hearted and still accrue immense material wealth. The most fulfilled and satisfied among us however, seek a balance whereby the kind hearted and loving are able to have the money and resources they need to live a comfortable worry free life, allowing them to fulfil their mission and purpose and give their gifts to the world. This is not as challenging as it may appear to those who are limited by fear and doubt. A fundamental step is to build an abundance awareness, giving yourself permission to prosper.

When we prosper by offering something of merit to another that will expand the qual­ity of their lives; in addition to helping them fulfil their universal potential by offering their talents, then this is known as right livelihood. Right livelihood has advantages for every­one.

Every now and then, when we see or hear about someone who has already achieved notable financial success launching another new product or business, we may be excused for thinking along the lines of, “why bother, surely they don’t need the money. Why aren’t they lying on a beach or on the golf course?” Living a truly abundant life is about being happy and prosperous by doing the work you love. Our talents are intended to be shared with others.

Money is energy that flows to the person who gives us something we want or need. When an individual does not recognize, develop, or share their talents, everyone is denied, especially the one who does not share. Abundance and fulfilment only comes when we give of ourselves through our talents and abilities. Each person has talent and everyone can make a contribution to the overall plan. Many never know their right place in the scheme of things, but any one who desires it can find it and succeed as they do what they love.

When we provide something of value to another, we can expect to receive some­thing of value in return, if not at once then at the appropriate time. Giving is not easy for some, as they think they will lose what belongs to them. While it is true if you have a dollar and you give it away you no longer have the money, by exchanging it for something to eat, you have the food and the other has the cash. Giving to charity is beneficial as it softens the heart of the giver and brings them good fortune. There is a spiritual law of tithing that says as we give char­itably or give to wherever we are getting our spiritual knowledge and support, we shall be prospered tenfold or more in return. Importantly though, we must give in advance, not wait until we have the abundance before deciding to start.

As a final thought, too many use people and love things, when it should be the other way around. Money represents current and future goods and services, but it does not embody love, happiness, enlightenment or any spiritual qualities. Someone with enough money may certainly acquire companionship and temporary pleasures, but money alone can never replace love or true fulfillment.

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Daniel Britton is an author, inspirational speaker and success coach.
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