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In our lives we have acquired habits that we perform on a daily basis. These habits may be good for us but some may be harmful. Now our brain, at the subconscious level is not able to decipher which habit does good for us and which habit doesn’t.

A good habit is a habit that helps us pursue our dreams. It paves the way towards the goals we would like to accomplish whether it is to lose weight or to be financially stable or to climb up the ladder of success at work.

On the other hand a bad habit prevents you, slows your progress and may eventually stop you from attaining your goals. Bad habits grab you from the success that you are capable of achieving. They are responsible for you not achieving your goal. These habits can be smoking, which prevent you from living a healthy lifestyle. It can also be the attitude of procrastination, which prevents you from doing what you are supposed to do at a timely manner that makes the quality of your work result in a sub standard level.

This issue is an essential problem that affects the present behavior modification industry which is what also the personal growth industry is - an attempt to change one’s behavior in order to gain improved results in one’s life.

To be more specific, a pressing issue and problem in our industry is, we have been told that we need to change our behavior but our brain is set up to go against just that. The habits that we have, habits that we are accustomed to and which is part of our daily routine and essentially is our behavior is what we need to change which our brain is fighting back at.

This being said, how then will we be able to change our bad habits and behavior? How shall we tell our brain to stop fighting back? How will we achieve our goals and dreams if we ourselves are stepping on the brake on our journey to success? How can we achieve better results with the life that we are most capable of achieving?

This is what The Power Habits System is all about. With the system, the bottom line is we need to change our habits that deter us from attaining our goals at the subconscious level. We need to stop trying to use our “willpower” to achieve our goals and be open to a new way of thinking and get ready for the huge changes that will soon after follow it.

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Noah St. John is famous for inventing Afformations® and creating high-impact, customized strategies for fast-growing companies and leading organizations around the world.

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