Making decisions helps you stay on track to be productive. Here are two ways to decide on whether to pursue a project or goal.

1. Does it make common-sense? Similar to some of the bizarre marketing we receive we sometime want to decide based on variables that are non-cooperative. Instead, base decisions on cooperative justification. Can you do it on your own or are there specific people and milestones needed to make the decision?

Ex: Planning priorities for the day, week, month, quarter, ½ year, one year, and beyond

Promoting an employee

Making a hiring decision

2. To produce better results four elements (work, time, money, probability) should be in synergy. Here's a formula to help you determine if a project or endeavor is worth pursuing:

(work + time + money) x probability = better results

work = 1 (worth doing) or 0 (no value to the company)

time = 1 (can be done in a timely manner) or 0 (time-prohibitive)

money = 1 (not cost prohibitive) or 0 (cost prohibitive)

probability = 1 (a deal is in place), .5 (may or may not happen), 0 (will not happen)

If better result = 3, pursue.

If better result = 1.5, consider pursuit.

If better result = any other value, do not pursue.

Money is a just byproduct of your work. It's what you do that makes a significant difference. Look at your results. Are they where you want them? If they are, to go to the next level different inputs will be needed. Without positive change and investment it is not possible to go to the next level. If you're results are not where you want them, then stay motivated by knowing better actions will produce better results.

By making better decisions you'll stimulate actions and increase your productivity and profitability. What do you need to learn, who do you need to contact, or where do you need to go? Focus on getting the work done and informing the right people who will appreciate the results.

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