Never attempt to re-evaluate a decision until you have first acted upon it. If you change your mind, opinion or decision before you have acted upon it you may be falling victim to your own internal conflict. When we re-evaluate a decision it is most likely in an attempt to validate a change of mind. The need to re-evaluate happens when the original conclusion or decision you have come to has now been challenged. This challenge is either internal or external. External challenges of ideas come from outside forces such as the opinions of others. Internal challenges come from within and are often rooted from self doubt, mis-education or past experiences.

When you truly want something you must be decisive. Make a decision and work to support that decision with action until the desired outcome is achieved. Many think that we must criticize the plan or the method by which we set out to achieve something. This is incorrect. When you begin to criticize you shift your energy and focus from what you want (your outcome) to how it will happen. How the things you desire will be manifested into your life experience is none of your concern. You must release the how and all of the feelings of frustration and inadequacy that come along with venturing into uncharted territory. “The how” is not your job. The universe will make arrangements for “the how”. However, if you lack faith and attempt to take it into your own hands you may end up derailing the manifestation process. It is your job to decide what it is you want and focus your energies towards successful action.

When you find that you are experiencing internal conflict it is time to invoke the process of re-education. Begin by identifying and then replacing as many self-defeating and limiting thoughts as possible. Choose to create a new truth or belief for yourself. You may choose to use phrases such as:

1. This was true for that person but it does not have to be true for me.

2. I am the only one who can decide my abilities and I decide that I have the ability to achieve this.

3. At one point I was unable to do this, but I have learned new skills that will help make me successful this time.

Take the time to re-educate yourself in a way that is in alignment with and serves your desires. If you want to do something or want to have something, the first and most important step is to implant the idea that you can do, or have that which you desire. Know that you have the abilities and if you do not currently possess the proper skill or ability that you have the know-how to go get it. Never allow resources, past feelings or negative emotions to deter you from your dream. You have everything you need right now. This is the truth you must live by. This is the belief that you must hold within you at all times. When you hold this belief, the little things within your subconscious that once stopped you before you even started will begin to disappear.

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Lyndsey Shaffer is the co- founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by visiting