Living in a messy environment affects our energy, both emotionally and professionally. Every space must be free of clutter, and of everything that doesn’t give good memories.

Our home is our vaccine, our shield, our office, our gym, our stage, our nest.

Organizing a home is no easy task. Over the years, things accumulate, and it becomes more and more complicated to create a harmonized space.

Decluttering and tidying are therapeutic. It can be the start of a new cycle in our lives. Taking care of our home is also taking care of us.

Today much is said about decluttering. To declutter the house, to declutter life. This need comes from the exacerbated consumerism of everything we buy and possess and the need to get rid of those same excesses. Decluttering also gives us what so many people regret that they don't have, which is TIME.

Eliminating clutter and organizing your home can mean an improvement in your quality of life. So, you can live in your home with another joy and:

● Take pleasure in welcoming guests,
● Gain more time for yourself,
● Gain more quality of life,
● Have more space available,
● Have more family harmony,
● Be proud of your home and no longer panic about receiving unexpected visitors,
● Find everything you are looking for, with everything in its place,
● Gain more focus and personal organization.

Decluttering allows us to sort out what is and what is no longer useful and help remove everything that does not add value to our lives, and in addition, it will enable us to create more space to live, relax, play or work.

What is clutter?

Firstly, clutter is not synonymous with trash! Clutter is everything we have at home (or in our lives) that we don't use, don't need, that doesn't bring us added value or that we just don't like anymore.

If you have a lot of objects in your house that you consider clutter, it's time to get rid of them. Know that there are negative effects of excess clutter on our lives.

So how can I get started?

Go through each division of the house and take three large containers—a container for trash, one for donation and one for the things to keep.

Ask yourself this question: "Have I used this item in the last two years?"

If the answer is Yes and it’s still in good condition - then save it again.

No, but it has sentimental value. - You can keep but place it in a self-storage unit. With self storage, you have easy access to your belongings any time you want, and you can get them out of your home!

No, and it doesn't add any value to my life - Get rid of it as soon as possible by selling, donating or simply putting it in the trash.

It is important in life that we know how to identify the fundamental, that is, what really interests us in life and eliminate what is unimportant and what does not make us feel happy. Start there, and you will find that it is much easier to start decluttering.

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