Considered as one of the most important furniture of the bedroom after the bed, wardrobes have been around for decades. As they are used constantly, one should always ensure that it is spacious enough, easy to move around and operate and goes well with the existing décor. Here is a list of wardrobes of different types, so that you can know well about each type and pick the one that suits best according to your needs. Take a look!

Free Standing Wardrobes
Free standing is the most common wardrobe design for the bedroom and can be found in every second home. Not only is a free standing wardrobe easy to move around, it is also available in a number of material and door options. The only thing that can hold one back from buying one, is that this wardrobe consumes a lot of space for easy operation of doors.

Wall Mounted Wardrobes
Designer wardrobes have become a trend. Homeowners are bidding goodbye to the old school free standing wardrobes and opting more and more for wall mounted wardrobes. Why? Because they are mounted on the wall and save a lot of space. Also known as built-in wardrobes, they can be small as well as huge.

Sliding Door Wardrobes
Among all the latest wardrobe designs, sliding doors wardrobes are popular, space saving, easy to operate and great to look at. Usually built floor to ceiling, sliding door wardrobes give you enough space above the hanging area to store away all the seasonal stuff.

Walk-in Wardrobes
Walk-in wardrobes are fairly rare and they are a sign of luxury. Every girl’s dream, walk-in wardrobes are huge and the perfect solution for those who have truckloads of clothes, shoes, accessories and more. A walk-in wardrobe usually has a chair or a bench in the middle for the user to sit down while deciding on what to wear. Any spare room can be easily converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

Those who would love to lend a traditional feel to their space can opt for an armoire to store their stuff. Armoires are usually made of wood, have carvings and multiple storage options. Armoires can also be used to enhance the look of any space without much effort.

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