In the 2nd seal, peace is taken from the earth. It’s the same idea as when God made a covenant with Israel. He said He would drive out the Canaanite, Exod 34:10,11.

Bible covenants were linked to sevens like the 7 ewes that Abraham gave to Abimelech in Genesis 21, and the 7 annual Sabbaths that God gave to Israel in Leviticus 23 The person seeking the covenant gives the 7’s, as God initiated the covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15, as a burning lamp He went between the sacrifice pieces, but Christ tells us to have our lamp burning, Lk 12:35.

God took Israel out of Egypt, a type of Babylon, and we are called out of Babylon, Rev 18:2-4. In seeking a covenant with Christ, we give Him the 7’s —topics that have a 7-fold emphasis as we consider here.

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