Want a floor that is durable, strong and most importantly easy to maintain? Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring could be just the solution. Made from a special composition of resin and hardener, epoxy floors can seamlessly withstand the demanding conditions of industrial spaces and that too for a long period of time. Moreover, epoxy also acts as a form of glue that makes it an ideal flooring surface which does not peel or chip.

Effects That Can Be Achieved Using Epoxy Floors

Epoxy is no ordinary floor, and that's why this wonderful material can be used for achieving several effects including but not limited to:

  • Colour flakes that amalgamate multiple shades of colours to bring out a vibrant and eye-catching style
  • Marble or granite like surface, where the gloss level can be controlled from highly polished to matte
  • Granite-like, marble, stone or other nature effects to mimic the pattern and style of natural floorings
  • Epoxy floors can also be stamped so as to achieve a cost-effective and durable tiled effect

Understanding The Cost of Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to the cost of commercial epoxy flooring then there are three integral factors that influence them and these are:

  1. Surface Preparation

Do you want to revamp an existing floor or are you planning to install a new floor for the premises? Without a doubt, the cost of installing new floor would be a bit higher compared to uplifting an existing one. Put it simply, the more surface preparation required, the more would be the cost of having epoxy flooring.

  1. Desired Effect

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of effects that can be conquered using epoxy. Again, the same have an impact on the overall cost as well. For example, easier effects with minimal details such as colour flakes or stamping might be less expensive compared to natural pebbled or granite effect. Hence, consider what your requirements are, discuss with reliable epoxy coating contractors in Huntsville, AL and then decide which particular effect would be suitable for your space.

  1. Size of the Area

How much area do you exactly want to cover with epoxy flooring? The contactors measure the total area in square feet and then prepare their quote based on the same. Apart from this, the measurements will also determine the amount of materials required for installation of the flooring.

There you have it, these are some of the important factors that determine the cost of having epoxy floors in commercial and industrial premises.

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