In the name of direct selling and multi level marketing, many companies are known to dupe and trick members as well as customers around the world. These illegal entities trick people by either promising them handsome compensations or selling them invisible products. As a result most people have a bitter taste left, and in anger went out by telling their friends and family about the incident. The Qnet Fraud allegations however are far from the truth. Less successful competitors and independent representatives who have not been able to understand how the company works have spread most of these untrue stories.

Many Qnet Fraud allegations have been doing the rounds recently on the World Wide Web and in print. QNet is a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company established in 1998. Through its innovative and exclusive products that engender high brand loyalty and satisfaction, combined with local, on-ground support and services, QNet has established itself as a global direct selling company with a proud Asian heritage. They are well a well-known and respected company in the marketing industry and have a strong and loyal customer and member base. Most of these allegations claim that the company uses an illegal pyramid system of marketing. Pyramid schemes are illegal marketing efforts where people are compensated for recruiting new members. The people who originally start the pyramid scheme generally do very well financially. However, those who join later will likely lose their investment as the pool of new recruits dries up before they can recoup their investment. In addition, pyramid schemes can be shut down by law enforcement at any time, and those who are involved can be subjected to arrest and fines. There are a couple of things that make a pyramid scheme illegal. If a company doesn’t come forth and give a lot of information about the way they work, or refuses to clear some genuine doubts then you should take that as a warning sign. Legitimate companies are usually registered under Direct Selling Associations of the countries in which they are operational. These associations have strict rules and regulations when it comes to admitting new members and so if a company is registered under such an association you can be assured of their working methods. Illegal and fraudulent companies tend to make exaggerated claims and promise very huge sums of money as compensation. You should verify the authenticity of such companies before purchasing their products or become members of the company.

The Qnet Fraud complaints lack substantial proof and backing. Most of these are empty claims aimed at running the reputation of successful multi level marketing companies. Illegal pyramid schemes don’t sell actual products but Qnet does. Their products are the main reason behind their worldwide success and are registered under a number of institutions that stand as a testament of its authenticity. It is not jus Qnet that has be subjected to these rumors, many other legal and successful multi level marketing companies have had to face these accusations because of misguided people. Most people don’t understand how this form of marketing works and look to it as a quick and easy to make some money. Such people, who don’t understand what makes a pyramid system of marketing illegal, have made majority of the Qnet fraud accusations.

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