In ancient times, the spacious dining area was a must, but with modernization and craze for flat culture, the dining areas are shrinking. The other parts of the home such as the common family room, and other similar areas are allotted more space. As dining area is shrinking, we need to make sure that the area remains functional and attractive. The comfort in this area will ensure great family dining time.

To get started, evaluate the area first and pick out the areas of improvement. Is your seating comfortable? Does the table fit in? How many members are there? There is no sense if you own a 8- Seater dining table in a home for two, in a 2BHK apartment.

There are varied kinds of the space saving dining furniture such as the 2 seater dining table that add decor to your abode along with offering space efficiency. The drop leaf tables are very popular nowadays as they can be dropped down while using and then folded when not in use.

Here are few models that can be ideal for the decor-

Round Dining Table
You may not see this kind of dining table in every household, but they are becoming popular lately. The reason behind this is, it can accommodate more people without consuming large area. The folks eating together feel the equality because of the absence of the “head” position. Few individuals do not prefer the round shaped tables as these cannot be placed anywhere, you cannot pin it against the wall and cannot utilize all its corners. But these are excellent products if you are short on space.

Square Dining Table
This one is most preferred as it can easily be pinned against the wall and all corners can be used. These are very much flexible and are used to save the space substantially. Most of these are manufactured from wood and have a glass on top to add the decorative look.

Triangle Dining Table
This is the newest design that is out and is liked by everyone. The rounded corners help preventing injuries. But this too has the exact limitations of the round dining tables. You cannot adjust these anywhere, but yes these are space savvy.

Rectangular Dining Table
This is the most common table that is used all over the world. These are perfect for every decor, but you should only prefer this if you do not have extreme space deficiency. These are the ones recommended and preferred by most of the people. It features a provision to add more seating arrangements and accommodate our guests or acquaintances.

Now you know everything about small dining tables, you can use them as per your requirements. Even if you have an abundance of space for dining area furniture; you can opt multiple small sized dining tables and add cafe look to your dining area. You can combine these when you have guests. This creates a different kind of ambience in your area.

Using the Chinese lamps and other decorative pieces add elegance and makes you a perfect host for any occasion.
Hope these tips will help you add a delight full environment in your apartment area. But be considerate of your needs and requirements. Good luck!

Summary : This is a post that will guide you about the dining furniture that are small in size such as the 2-seater dining tables. This will help you add design and space efficiency. Enjoy reading!

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The author was born and raised in Jaipur. He recognised his passion for interior decoration at a very early age. He is currently working with Wooden Street as an online furniture consultant. He provides expert advice on how to buy furniture online and also gives tips related to home decor.