Are you thinking on how to spice up your living room, but simply can’t think of ways on how to do so? Here are easy tips that will help you give life to your living room!

Tip #1: Think thematic. Picking a decorating scheme for a room is always a good way to start. You can focus on your favorite color, pattern, or style.

Tip #2: Color. Using light paint colors in small rooms is common, but you can also use bright or deep colors, decorate with monochromatic decorating theme so the room does not look small.
For a more colorful scheme try blues and greens that all reflect an equal intensity. To achieve a calm and peaceful style pick color scheme of moss greens.

Tip #3: Wall Paint color. Pale tones like gray-blue will create an overall larger look as they make the walls appear to recede. Using cool colors including blue, purple and green will make the same effect.

Tip #4: Put mirrors. Mirrors are a classic way to open up space in a room and make it appear larger. It adds light to a room which a key element in making the room more expansive and inviting.

Tip #5: Get Organized. Keep your home organized and clutter free. The more organized and uncluttered your home is, the better it will look and the more comfortable it will feel!

Tip #6: Live it up! The most important decoration for your living room is YOU. If you’re not loving it, something needs to change. Don’t be afraid to change your design.

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