Does your child spend a lot of time in front of their XBOX 360? Do they talk about rapid fire controllers, exploiting, trickjumping, or use other terms that you find baffling? You've found the right article for help! Keep browsing for help on decyphering your child's gaming speak.
For starters, the first word to learn is "modded controller". A "modded controller" is just a stock XBOX 360 controller that has been outfitted with a "modchip". Companies perform this installation for a nominal fee. Once the controller has this "modchip" installed inside, the controller is able to do special moves automatically that are difficult to perform manually with your fingers. When looking around to buy modded controllers, it's important to find a product that at a minimum includes the following features:
Rapid Fire - A mod with rapidfire can shoot very fast, without requiring that the user presses the triggers. The user can just press the trigger once, but get a lot of automatic firing out of guns that are otherwise "single shot" guns!
Dual Trigger - the mod is capable of working with both triggers on the modded XBOX 360 controller.
Jitter, Auto Burst - several names for the same feature. These are designed for Call of Duty and make certain guns like the M16 shoot much faster by exploiting a glitch in the game's software. This glitch can't be repeated with human hands, because humand hands can't move fast enough.
Superman Drop - The most famous Call of Duty mod feature of all time. In the standard button layout, the player must use his right thumb to aim with the joystick. But while he is aiming, he is unable to reach over and hold down the "B button" to make his character drop to the ground to take cover from enemy fire. When the mod's Drop Shot feature is enabled, and the player pulls the right trigger to fire at the enemy, the modchip will also automatically press the "B button" for the player. This simple trick will cause your enemy to be left firing into the air above your head, while you drop to the ground and take the kill shot.
Aimbot - Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black ops have a special "Zombie arcade mode". The goal is, of course, to kill all of the zombies. When the mod's auto-aim feature is enabled, just aim anywhere near the Zombie and pull the left trigger - the gun will lock on target. Helps especially when mowing down a whole group of Zombies.
Auto-Chainsaw - In the Gears of War series of games, the combatant will sometimes enter into a Chainsaw battle with his opponent. The player who can push the "B button" fastest wins! The auto-chainsaw feature lets the modchip take control of the "B Button", ensuring victory.
Auto-Mark - In the Battlefield series of games, the combatant can "mark" an enemy on the team radar by aiming at the enemy and pressing the "back" button on the controller. When the mod's auto-mark feature is enabled, the player no longer has to press the back button. Enemies will now be automatically marked just by aiming at them.
Auto-Heal - In the Gears of War series of games, when a combatant is down, he can revive himself by rapidly pressing the "A button". When the auto-revive feature of the mod is activated, the modchip will take control of the "A button" and get the combatant revived and fighting the enemy
Auto-Run - In the Call of Duty games, pressing the left thumbstick will cause the combatant to sprint quickly to his next objective. Pressing the left thumbstick is akward, but combatants must sprint often to avoid being gunned down by the enemy. Pressing the left thumbstick can actually become painful after many hours of gameplay. With the auto-run feature of the mod is activated, the player only needs to pull on the left-trigger to initiate sprinting. Forget about that akward left thumbstick!
Mimic Mode - In the Call of Duty games, a combatant can wield pistols with both hands. But firing both pistols requires the player to pull both the left and right triggers. Moving both hands can reduce the player's ability to aim with the stick. When the mod's Akimbo Firing feature is turned on, the customer only needs to pull the right trigger to fire both the left and right pistols simultaneously. The Akimbo Firing can even be set up to turn your semi-auto pistols into full-auto machine gun pistols for a devastating affect at close range!
Burst Firing - Typically used in war games. In many games, it takes more than one bullet to down an enemy. Burst Firing is designed to turn most semi-auto guns into "burst firing" guns. When the mod's Burst Firing feature is enabled, pull the trigger as normal to fire, but now your semi-auto gun will shoot 2, 3, 4 or 5-round burst - depending on your preference.

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