There's no denying that salvage yards and automotive recycling companies can get a pretty bad reputation in the mind of the consumers. However, some pretty shocking myths have been going around people's minds for some time now, which is why we are to put an end to the same.

In this article guide, we’ll be discussing some of most talked about myths about used auto parts and whether those are true or false - with the help of Nissan car parts in NZ services.

Busted Myths About Used Auto Parts

Myth #1: Used Auto Parts Are Only Found At Junkyards


You can find used auto parts not only at junkyards but also at certified re-sellers or recyclers, who have been selling used auto parts for decades now. They have professional and reputable businesses who take their customers very seriously. These organisations use the latest technology to gather inventory and thereby sell the products.

So, the next time you’ll see someone sharing such a myth, you’ll know the truth of where you can get used auto parts.

Myth #2: Used Auto Parts Doesn’t Come With Warranty


Most of the used auto parts that you’ll be purchasing these days will come with a warranty. The warranty period will differ from product to product. For example, an engine can come with six months warranty, while a vehicle tire might come with three months warranty.

There's also an option for the vehicle owners to opt for extended warranty programs, which extend the initial warranty support. As a result, you get more bang-for-the-buck for the amount you're investing in the first place.

These companies will always stand-by the products they sell, which is why you can be comfortable with your investment - even when buying a costly part.

Myth #3: Used Auto Parts Are Not As Good As New Ones


Most of the times, used auto parts are on the same quality level as new ones. There will be a minimal amount of wear & tear that you can always avoid because at the end of the day, you're paying much less for the product than a new one.

Since auto parts are mechanical, a brand new part will wear & tear slowly over time than a used one. But, if you're talking about functionality, they'll be the same, with no differences whatsoever in performance. Moreover, you'll not be able to tell the difference between the two.

As a result, you can easily stay away from buying new auto parts and instead invest in used ones, while saving a lot of your investment too.

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