One has to have a dream to make a dream come true. This in no way implies that the path to fulfillment will be an easy one. As a matter of fact, life will test your commitments on a daily basis. It might be fair to say that if you can get knocked off the position from which you stand, perhaps you were not truly committed to that position. In the story below you will read about a man who returned to his position each and every time the challenges of life sought to keep him down.

Deep down we all “Aspire” to unleash our true potential
I’ve spent many hours on a bicycle next to talented man by the name of Kevin Hall.  Large percentages of that saddle time was spent discussing the book he was “going to write” or was “in the midst of writing.”  These rides went on for miles, the talks for days, and the promise for many years. Finding myself inspired by our discussions, often I thought about “my book”—specifically when and how I might find the courage to let it out of my soul and capture it on paper.  While I truly believed in Kevin and all that he wanted to accomplish, at times his continuing struggle led me to doubt that his book would ever be realized, let alone published. His journey made me question my own fortitude to travel down this same path.
Inspired by Those That Inspire  
Creative people are often inspired by other creative people. This was one of the great reminders that came from spending time with Kevin. I can recall accompanying him to see some incredibly well known writers and speakers. On more than one occasion I watched as he waited in line to get a chance to speak with a featured guest, whom he then had the courage and conviction to ask for an endorsement from—despite the fact that he hadn’t even completed a draft of his manuscript yet. But time and time again he received a resounding yes from just about everyone that he explained his book’s concept to. 
This never failed to impress me. 
At one event in particular we watched T. Harv Eker give a book reading then display a masterful “sell from the stage” demonstration, which drove hundreds of people to buy five- and 10-packs of his “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” book right there on the spot… And when Kevin got his chance to speak with him, T. Harv agreed to endorse his proverbial as of yet completed book. Since that time I have seen Kevin artfully drive throngs of people from his audiences to the book selling tables. Had I not been familiar with the teachings of Mr. Eker’s book, I might have been put off by his approach. But he was offering something of real value that night. 
And with respect to Kevin, I believe his value has since been well proven. He did indeed finally finish his book, which currently seems destined to become one of the top selling personal development books in recent history. As a fan of inspiring material, I have personally given away numerous copies.  Anyone that has received (or purchased) one has in their hands an incredibly powerful tool for growth.
“Aspire” by Kevin Hall has been one of the top selling and rated books on Amazon for the better part of a year. Kevin has been embraced by the likes of John Maxwell, Harvey MacKay, Bob Proctor and many other influential authors and speakers. And the forward to his book was written by Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” This endorsement speaks volumes about their personal relationship and the value we can in turn receive while we’re in throes of the pursuit of our life’s passion.
The powerful subtitle to “Aspire” reads: Discovering your purpose through the power of words. This affection for words stems from Kevin’s relationship with the Viktor Frankl family of Austria. Viktor’s awe-inspiring book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and describes his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live. The connection between the “words” we use and the outcomes we experience in life is something we all must learn to appreciate.
The Formative Years
Kevin Hall first made his mark on the world while at Franklin Covey, where he was the VP, Training and Sales for Stephen Covey. A subsequent public offering made Kevin’s stake in the company incredibly valuable and he used this windfall to invest in business and a children’s camp. The following years however did not go as planned. Kevin faced a number of hardships and unfortunate setbacks that forced him to make several life altering decisions. It was during this trying time that he could have easily abandoned the book and sought out regular employment. With a wife and five children, that would have been completely understandable. But Kevin has always been a man of strong faith.  He knew he had a higher calling and persevered despite mounting obstacles.
The Lesson
Though the world can often be filled with unforeseen tests of the human spirit, we should always listen to our heart’s calling and let life’s moments of sheer beauty guide you to where you want to be. Do all that you can to never get sidetracked as you strive toward achieving your goals; however, if the inevitable roadblock forces you off course, remember that faith, family, and true friends will always help you through these difficult times.
But also keep in mind that only you can decide for yourself what the outcome of your life will be. If you truly want to unleash all the potential that lies inside you, you have to make the decision to run down your dreams no matter what the cost. One of the main lessons people fail to learn from those that have succeeded is that you gain far more insight from failures than you do from triumphs. Further, we feel the increased wisdom which comes from understanding that everything is not merely about winning or losing, but about putting your strongest effort forward and letting the chips fall where they may. Come rain or shine you’ll be able to live a positive life free of regret knowing that you did indeed try your very best.   
And please, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something—especially yourself.   
No matter what your goals are you must be able to see that you can learn great lessons from those that have suffered, endured, and ultimately pursued their passion. All of us have a wealth of inspiration buried deep within. This notion is so universally accepted that it’s said that every one of us has a book inside them trying to get out. 
Ask yourself from time to time what it is that you truly “aspire” to do, what is holding you back, and who can help you make every last one of your life-changing dreams as real as you believe them to be?

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