A huge percentage of the people residing in this country know exhaustion very well. More than a quarter of our population has admitted that they struggle to fall asleep at night or wake still feeling tired. Seventy million U.S. citizens suffer from diagnosable sleep disorders and one in five people suggest that stress plays a big part in them not being able to sleep well. With over-packed schedules, ever-mounting stress, and a myriad of never-ending responsibilities, it is completely understandable why the average American is always on the hunt for something that will give a quick and lasting energy boost. Energy Bars, in their compact and delicious form can do just that.

Healthy Awake with Energy Bars

There are a few natural ingredients that are often mentioned when speaking about renewing one’s liveliness. Among them are green tea, ginkgo Bilbao, ginseng, and vitamin D. Energy bars are often packed with all of this and more for a boost in the morning, middle of the day, or just before an evening workout. Green tea, containing EGCG, known for its antioxidant qualities, is often packed into energy bars for its ability to provide a natural boost while not making it difficult to fall asleep come nightfall. Ginseng and ginkgo Bilbao, also commonly found in energy bars, can help to improve cognitive function and endurance throughout the day. Vitamin D, which is delivered via the sun’s rays on a warm summer day, is also a viable supplement when looking for a jump start each day. When the day is overcast, the short days of winter are upon us, or the rain seems to never end, energy bars can offer a dose of sunshine in each convenient bite.

Energy Bars – the Coffee Alternative

Many people turn to coffee for an energy boost during the day, but for those who don’t like to drink it ‘black’, creamers and sweeteners can wreak havoc on a diet plan. Fortunately, energy bars, which can be enjoyed as a meal alternative or as a snack between them, can often be found with included doses of organic coffee beans. Getting a morning caffeine fix has never tasted so delicious – wrapped in layers of nuts, dark chocolate, or alongside tempting dried cherries.

A Lasting Full

For the person that needs that after-dinner snack in order to feel full heading into bed time, the nutrition bars can be an excellent choice. It has been proven that people who fall asleep hungry are more likely to have their sleep interrupted – because their bodies are craving food. However, one doesn’t want to reach for fat and sugar packed snacks in the evening, as they aren’t going to help with any existing diet plan. For this reason, protein bars should be considered. They contain the ingredients that the body needs to remain healthy, they provide a lasting full, and may just be the answer to the sleepless nights.

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