Delayed ejaculation refers to a condition which occurs when men are consistently unable to ejaculate with sexual stimulation or require extended periods of stimulation to reach climax. While this disorder is relatively uncommon – only about 1-4% of men are affected – it can cause loss of enjoyment in sex, as well as affecting self-esteem and in some cases, erectile function.

The causes and symptoms of delayed ejaculation and the role of penis vitamins and minerals in penis health are described in the following article.

How ejaculation works
Ejaculation, or the release of semen from the body, is an involuntary response to sexual stimulation. Ejaculation actually occurs in two stages – first, sperm and other fluids are combined in the urethra; and second, the seminal fluid is expelled from the urethra through a series of muscular contractions. This process is usually accompanied by feelings of sexual pleasure.

What is delayed ejaculation?
For most men, it takes an average of four minutes of intercourse or manual stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Delayed ejaculation is diagnosed when a man requires an extended period of time – 45 minutes or more – to ejaculate, or cannot ejaculate through either of these activities.

What causes delayed ejaculation?
Ejaculation is a complex bodily function involving the nervous system, the vascular system (or blood vessels) and even the emotions. When one of these is not working correctly, difficulties with erectile function or ejaculation may occur. From a physiological perspective, several factors can affect ejaculation:
• Loss of penis sensitivity due to circulatory problems, toughened penis skin, or peripheral damage of the erogenous nerve tissue;
• Stroke;
• Spinal cord injury;
• Medications;
• Smoking;
• Drug or alcohol use.
On the other hand, psychological issues can also cause delayed ejaculation. Men who were subject to a strict religious upbringing or were exposed to trauma (especially sexual trauma) may have issues with achieving orgasm. Stress and anxiety may also play a role in inhibiting ejaculation, as well as emotional problems such as anger at a partner, relationship problems, fear of getting a woman pregnant, or lack of physical or emotional attraction to a sexual partner.

Finally, men who practice unusual masturbation habits, masturbate frequently (for instance, several times per day) or who rely on the same position or masturbation technique all the time may have difficulty with ejaculation.

What are the options for treatment?
Treating delayed ejaculation depends on the underlying cause. Men who are experiencing ejaculation problems due to psychological issues may benefit from learning stress management techniques or from counseling; sex therapy is often beneficial in cases of delayed ejaculation.
Physical causes of delayed ejaculation are generally resolved by treating the related health issue. Quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy body weight and eating a healthy diet are important in this respect. Men who are taking medications such as antidepressants which may impair the ability to ejaculate may benefit from a change in medication.

There are also several steps men can take to address problems with penis sensitivity:
• Wear loose, non-binding clothing to increase circulation;
• Keep the penis skin well-moisturized to retain its natural self-lubricating properties and prevent drying and toughening of the skin;
• Support penile nerve health with nutrients that provide neural support, such as vitamin B5 and acetyl-L-carnitine (an essential amino acid);
• Prevent infections that may affect the integrity of the skin through use of natural antibacterials such as vitamin A;
• Support circulatory health by maintaining a healthy body weight and adding vitamin C (an important component of circulatory tissue) to the penis care regimen.

Where to find the right combination of nutrients for penis health
In order to get the most out of penis vitamins and minerals, a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) which is applied directly to the penis skin may help to provide the right combination of nutrients, moisturizers and disease-fighting antioxidants where they are needed most.

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